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Survivor Philippines Finale -- And The Winner Is

Updated on December 16, 2012

The Final four return to camp. Everyone thrilled Abi-Normal is gone. Mike says she sucked the life out of you. Malcolm upset Abi-Normal said no one can beat him. Mike claims to Malcolm they still have an alliance. He thinks he has a better story than Malcolm to win. Meanwhile Denise is worried she could be the next to go.

Reward Challenge –

Race through series of obstacles collecting bags and then you have to solve a dragon puzzle. I’m sorry, but there were so many puzzles this season it’s gotten to the point of ridiculous. The winner of today’s challenge wins an advantage in the final immunity challenge. Once again it’s Malcolm. He’ll get an advantage in the final immunity challenge.

Lisa not happy Malcolm has the advantage. Malcolm still planning to get rid of Denise. Denise tries to get Malcolm to agree to a final three, and when he won’t commit, she becomes suspicious. Denise goes to Lisa; tries to make a final three deal with Mike and Lisa. Denise thinks she has a deal with Lisa, but Lisa says she didn’t shake her hand. Mike says it’s great they have Malcolm and Denise as options. Of course, Mike thinks he can beat Malcolm in the final three.

This belief bothers Lisa. She thinks he’s not that level-headed. Mike says they’re not on the same page of who they want as final three.

Final Immunity Challenge –

The final four go through the survivor graveyard and pay tribute to them.

The challenge is a wooden cylinder cut into several piece. You have the two end pieces and more and more wood in between that you have to hold together and keep the ball balanced on top of the wooden log. If ball falls off, you lose any chance at immunity. Malcolm gets a second chance if he drops the ball for winning the reward challenge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help him because he drops his ball first. Denise drops it next. Then Lisa drops it, making Mike the winner. I kind of figured Mike would have an advantage, since this was similar to another ball balancing challenge that Mike won immunity for.

Both Lisa and I were saying the same thing about Mike winning. He’s a wild card, so it might not be a good thing he won immunity. He honestly thinks he can beat Malcolm. Malcolm approached Mike and Lisa to make sure Denise is the target and he’s safe. Then Denise goes to work on both Lisa and Mike to keep her. Denise is worried because Mike might not see things realistically. He really wants to take Malcolm and beat him.

Lisa says she may not vote with Mike, because she wants Malcolm gone. Something she makes clear at tribal council.

Tribal Council –

I thought it would come down to a tie, with Malcolm and Denise having to compete to make fire, but Malcolm got voted out. He’s not happy with Denise. Said congratulations, Denise.

Denise realizes how mad Malcolm is. Mike thinks who pleads their case the best will win.

The final three climb the cliff and enjoy their last morning there. When they get home they find food and prepare a feast. They have a final group hug as they dismantle camp and set it on fire.

Final Tribal Council –

Each player gets to make an opening statement.

Denise says she won’t apologize for her game. And she outwitted, outplayed and outlasted them all. Thought it was a tad bit arrogant and might have cost her some votes.

Lisa says she grew and learned it was a game and to play it like a game.

Mike says he played with fire because he knew the other players wanted to get rid of returning players.

Artis – he won’t congratulate them. If they started with a holier than thou attitude and they betrayed people, they don’t deserve to be there. Karma is a bitch.

Carter – Lisa looked like an easy target. Good job. Mike same thing. Feels like they played a good game. Wants to know what Mike felt when he knew he was going home. Mike says they couldn’t keep Carter because they wouldn’t have a shot at winning.

Pete – feels Lisa is hiding behind people saying she didn’t vote against her tribe. Calls her a Judas. Asks Denise why her game is better than Lisa and Mike. Denise says she should have been the first to get booted, not RC, but there were fractures in their tribe and she took advantage of it.

RC – Not surprised Lisa is there. Congratulates her. Mike says he had no idea RC was going; thought it was Penner.

Malcolm – For the first time he thinks he may write down Lisa’s name. Tells Denise not to appease and to nod her head. He’s definitely holding a grudge she made it. He was pretty rude to Denise.

Jeff – Asks Mike what type a person he is. Asks how Lisa didn’t float in the middle like Denise. Jeff thinks Lisa’s a floater even though she brought up going to Pete and trying to get Malcolm voted out.

Abi—she says her heart is broken because they said she most unlikable. Lisa says she was loyal to the tribe. She goes after Denise for saying she’s unlikable. Denise says she apologizes to Abi if she was truly demoralized.

Jonathan – congratulates them. Calls Denise on appeasing people. Says Denise was worried she’d come off as a bitch and says she showed every she is a bitch. Mike’s name hasn’t been written down once, so his claim of having a target on his back doesn’t fly. Also says Mike backstabbed and flip-flopped. Jonathan reveals Lisa was a TV star on Facts Of Life. Says two of you will be driven to the slaughter and one of them is the driver. Jonathan says while voting that Denise played a flawless game and votes for her.

Sorry, but Malcolm was backstabbing Denise, first. Don’t have much respect for him. He won immunity and wouldn’t even share his immunity idol with her. He should have taken it with more class than he did.

The final vote –

RC – Lisa

Jonathan – Denise

Carter – Mike

And the rest are kept a mystery as Jeff takes off and says he’ll see them all back in the states. Seconds later he returns, and everyone is all cleaned up.

Jeff has a moment of silence for the Newtown shooting on Friday then reveals who the winner is.







Denise wins. The rest of the votes aren’t revealed since Denise has enough to win. I’d bet Malcolm didn’t vote for Denise.

Reunion show –

Malcolm says he thought he had his safety net in place with Mike and Lisa.

Jonathan asked why he didn’t make a final four deal.

Then Jeff P asks Jeff K why he was out to get Jonathan.

Lisa says she grew and learned a lot and that’s worth a million dollars to her.

Jeff says this is a competitive game. Jeff P says his speech about it only being $600,000 not a million was best exit speech.

Jeff runs vid of Mike’s Mr. Magoo moments of all his accidents.

Lisa montage. She says praying doesn’t translate well on Survivor. She says she’s learned it’s okay not to be good all the time.

Talks to Russell about the non-stop rain.

Dana says maybe she’ll play again.

Malcolm montage. Malcolm said when he knew what the final challenge was he’d knew he’d lose.

Jeff asks if Malcolm would play again, and he said he would.

Jeff does an Abi montage as the villain of the show. She says she has a lot of growing to do. So she seems a bit more self-aware of her behavior.

RC and Pete say Abi was their downfall. RC puts Pete down for making a dumb move causing trouble between her and Abi.

Winner of the $100,000 fan vote came down between Malcolm and Lisa and Lisa won.

Angie says she had a good time. Zane says he made a bad move. Katie said she had a blast. Says she’s glad Denise won. Artis says he wasn’t mad in the game. Dawson kisses Jeff on the lips, but Jeff assures everyone his wife kisses better.

The 26th season is promoted. 10 ultimate Survivor fans will take on 10 favorite Survivor players. In short, more past players are being brought back. It’s called Fans vs Favorites.

Jeff gives Denise her check. Didn’t see any interaction between former allies Denise and Malcolm. Jonathan, Lisa and Mike seemed happy for her, though.

Something tells me Abi-Normal may be brought back since he’s dubbed her the villain of the season. Hopefully, Russell won’t be brought back.

It was interesting. I started out liking and rooting for Malcolm to cheering when his ball fell off and when he got voted out. I was also glad he didn’t win the $100,000. Again, he was the one who was stabbing Denise in the back, first, so he needs to man-up about it.


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