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Survivor Philippines -- Getting Rid Of Abi-Normal Isn't Going To Be So Easy

Updated on November 28, 2012

I had one of those duh moments when I finally figured out what the tribe’s name meant. Dangrayne or dang rain. It took me this long to figure it out. DUH!

Abi-Normal, the most thoroughly unpleasant nutjobs to grace Survivor was still being thoroughly unpleasant. She was calling out Mike for the way she got treated at tribal and said she didn’t find it funny. Denise overhears what she’s saying and says Abi-Normal continues to be the same negative person. Denise says the plan is to get rid of Abi, but if she wins immunity, they would vote out Jonathan. These words turn out to be prophetic as the episode plays out.

Malcolm gives Abi a hug. Abi complains about what Denise said to her. She says it was the worst day of her life. Malcolm says it’s hard not to feel sorry for her when she’s breaking down. Meanwhile Abi-Normal plans to still play the game. She declares she’s bigger than that. She’s a survivor.

She gets her lucky break when everyone is given $500 to bid on items at the Survivor Auction. Denise pays $500 for breakfast. Mike bids $500 for cheese, crackers and wine. Malcolm pays $200 for ice coffee and donuts. Jonathan gets fried chicken for $100. Carter pays $200 for baked potato. Before Carter takes baked potato but gives Carter the chance to bid for rice and beans instead, and Carter gives up the baked potato. Lisa pays $320 for gigantic sandwich. Abi-Normal bids $500 for an advantage in the game. Carter pays $200 for veal shanks for the entire tribe. They have 60 seconds to eat them.

The tribe comes home in a good move but Abi-Normal has to ruin it, per usual. The Sour Sally demands that Jonathan say he’s sorry to her. She demands he apologize for destroying her. Lisa says it’s hard not to laugh at Abi-Normal. Jonathan plays along and even gives her a hug. Jonathan says the more bitter and toxic Abi-Normal is the better for him.

Abi says she’s taking what people say with a grain of salt. She thinks everybody wants her because of the tube she got in the auction. She reads it and gives her a Fast Forward in the Immunity Challenge, but she lies it led her to another immunity idol.

Abi-Normal claims she’s going to go out graciously or stay in the game. Since she hasn’t been gracious for one moment of this game that would truly be a sight to see. Malcolm says Abi is like a girlfried that won’t go away. She tells Malcolm her lie, but does he believe it?

Immunity Challenge

Abi Normal claims there are two messages in the note, when there’s only one. She reads the only one saying she gets to skip ahead to the last round of the Immunity Challenge.

Jeff asks a question at the beginning of each round. Ones who get it wrong have to have 5% of their body weight added. The task seems similar to last week’s immunity challenge.

Survivors are attached to a rope and they have to untangle it by going through a hitching post in the first round.

Denise, Carter, Mike, Malcolm and Jonathan make it through first round.

The next round requires you to work your way through a maze of poles.

Jonathan, Carter and Abi-Normal in final round.

Much to the horror of everyone, especially yours truly, she makes it through the latest maze. But since she sat on her lazy but until the third round it isn’t a surprise.

Malcolm happy she bitch won so he can use it as a chance to get rid of Jonathan. Lisa, however, doesn’t want to get rid of Jonathan. Lisa thinks she’s not cut out for the game. She tells Jonathan she got in another alliance when he turned down her offer. She’s supposed to vote him out.

Jonathan tries to go and save himself. Jonathan tells Abi-Normal and Carter they’re voting for Denise. He then approaches Mike and tries to get him on board with the plan. Mike not sure which way to go. Thinks he could beat Jonathan in the final 3. Jonathan gives it one last try at tribal council.

Unfortunately, because Jonathan didn’t accept the alliance offer Mike and Lisa offered him, it becomes his fatal mistake in the game and he’s voted out. As he leaves, he tells everyone to keep the sunny side up and to suck eggs.


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