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Survivor Philippines -- Lisa Makes Her Move

Updated on November 14, 2012

But the person she makes it to refuses to believe her...

Last week, I pondered if Jeff had made a decision that would end up biting him in his backside, because of his obsession to get rid of Jonathan. He had the choice to keep the vets to get further in the game or try to get rid of Jonathan and he chose to try to get rid of Jonathan. And this week we found out if he had made a smart move or a dumb one.

Jonathan was still feeling the sting from the fact his own tribe had turned on him and his torch would have been snuffed out if he hadn’t used his immunity idol. Jeff is still gunning for Jonathan and figures if at first you don’t succeed; try, try again. However, he’s not happy about the power he had to give up. Jeff plans to use other tribe members to stay in. Meanwhile, Mike cautions Jonathan not to give up. Jonathan says he has no alliances now and hopes to find a way to save himself.

Another tribe mate who tries making a move that could end up blowing up in her face is Lisa. Lisa has been sliding under the radar since being targeted earlier by RC and Abi-Normal. But she decides it’s time to get her feet wet in the game. She decides that she can win if she goes to the finals with Pete, Abi-Normal and Artis because they’re just so unlikable. So she approaches Mike with her plan, but it all hinges on getting Jonathan out first.

Reward Challenge –

Divide into two teams, race out into the water and clip rope to fish traps. Four fish traps will be dragged to shore. Then they’ll dig in the sand to find the key to release the puzzle pieces. Oh, no, it’s another puzzle. Have to figure out how 8 puzzle scrolls go. Reward is a barbecue rib dinner. Maybe it’s me, but haven’t they had more puzzles this season than normal?

Yellow team – Jonathan, Lisa, Denise, Jeff and Malcom

Blue team – Mike, Pete, Artis, Abi and Carter

Yellow team wins.

The target may be off Jonathan and on to Mike since he took so long attaching the line to the fishing trap it cost them a lot of time.

Mike listening to Abi talking about who is in their alliance. Pete says Abi has a big mouth. Pete tells Abi they’ll keep Mike around after getting rid of Jonathan and vote out the rest of Kalabaw. So Jeff’s plan to use the other players to stay in the game already seems doomed to failure. In short, he made the wrong decision aligning with these people, last week, and it’s only a matter of time before it bites him in the butt.

At the BBQ Dinner Lisa mentions how you have to kiss the bullies butts [Pete, Artis and Abi] and Jonathan tries to convince the Yellow Team to go after the three bullies. Jeffy better stop his anti-vet stance, because it’s going to see his torch snuffed right after Jonathan’s.

Lisa tells Mike that Malcolm has an immunity idol and after they give Jonathan the boot they need to convince Pete they need to blindside Malcolm. Mike says everything will depend on who wins immunity. Jonathan says he’s never won immunity but he’s going to go for it.

Immunity Challenge –

Only one immunity necklace, this week. Race over and under a set of obstacles collecting puzzle pieces to solve a snake puzzle. Come on! Another puzzle. I like puzzles, but I’m sick of them. Enough, already.

In the first round only three will move on.

Pete, Jeff and Jonathan will be playing against each other to see who can put the puzzle together, first. Although, Jonathan seems to be lagging against the two who are out to get him, he ends up beating them and winning immunity. Suck on it, Jeffy.

This kind of screws up Lisa’s plan a bit, since she already had Jonathan’s torch snuffed like it was a foregone conclusion. But she pushes ahead with her plan and tells Pete that Malcolm has the Immunity Idol and they have to get rid of him because he’s aligned with the other team. Only problem is Pete doesn’t believe her and is convinced she’s lying. Malcolm lies when Pete asks if he has the idol and he believes him. Pete suggests sending Jeff home.

Malcolm tells Jeff he’s being gunned for. Malcolm tells Denise 6 people are voting Pete out. Carter says he thought Jeff was going home. Malcolm’s bringing his idol just in case he’s the target.

Tribal council is somewhat amusing. Lisa gets outted for her plot against Malcolm and even though Pete thinks Lisa’s lying, Malcolm brings out his idol to show that Lisa was actually telling the truth. Do you feel dumb yet, Pete? Do you feel you have egg all over your face? Anyway, there goes Lisa’s plan to blindside Malcolm. Then when Jeff Probst asks if anyone else has an immunity idol, who should hold one up, but Abi-Normal. Guess she thinks it’s Show-And-Tell time. So there goes the mystery of who has idols or not. Jeff Probst then instructs them to vote.

After asking if Malcolm or Abi-Normal want to play their idols, both say no. Then it’s time to read the votes. For some reason Jonathan votes for Abi-Normal and Mike decides to stick with Tandang and vote to give Jeff the boot. As a result, Jeff is voted out.

He’s a pretty big Bitter Betty about it, but he only has himself to blame. He could have stuck with Kalabaw, kept the vets and gone after Tandang and taken them out, but no… He was obsessed that all vets had to go. Guess what, chum? Jonathan is still there and you’re on your way out the door.

It remains to be seen what the fall out from the tribal council will be. Will Lisa have a target painted on her back now her plan got outted even though she was telling the truth? She threw away her alliance with Malcolm by ratting him out and Kalabaw knows she was trying to get Malcolm out of the game, which proves she was playing Kalabaw and is loyal to Tandang. Will Tandang remain strong and pick off Kalabaw one-by-one? Will Tandang still consider Malcolm one of them or will they figure out he tried to vote Pete out, showing where his true loyalties lie? And will Jonathan still have a target painted on his back?

It all depends on what choices the remaining players make. Will they make the wrong choice like Jeff did and will it give them a seat along RC and Jeff in the jury box?


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