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Survivor Philippines -- Lost In Translation?

Updated on November 22, 2012

That what Abi-Normal is claiming. She just doesn’t get it or understand why Lisa said she was graceless to her. I’m sorry, but I think that’s a total cop-out and an excuse to excuse her vile behavior. There’s basic behavior that defies the whole lost in translation thing, and she exhibits it all. That’s why I call her Abi-Normal, because her behavior defies any kind of logic. For example, she betrays RC by telling Pete about the immunity idol clue and looks for it with Pete behind RC’s back, and then she turns around squawking that RC has betrayed her.

Mike is lying with his new Kalabaw compardre’s after they return from tribal and wisely staying away from Pete and Abi-Normal. He says he wants to get rid of Abi-Normal, but because she has that darned Immunity Idol there’s no way of getting rid of her, so it looks like it’ll have to be Pete. He says to his new friends that once there’s only six of them left they should start fighting it out for sole survivor. Denise agrees.

Lisa was still loyal to Pete and Abi-Normal at tribal by voting with them, but after another chat with Abi-Normal Lisa decides she’s had enough and jumps ship.

Reward Challenge –

You have to get all three of your drums face up at the same time while trying to prevent your competitor from doing the same. The tribe is split into two groups again and one-by-one two members from each team compete against each other.

Carter vs Jonathan – Carter wins.

Malcolm vs. Mike – Mike wins.

Abi-Normal vs. Lisa – Lisa wins.

Pete vs. Denise – Pete win.

Malcolm vs. Mike – Malcolm wins.

Red team wins – taking Carter, Malcolm, Abi-Normal and Pete to a spa. Malcolm suggests no strategy talk and reveals the people he wants to make a final three deal with aren’t Pete, Abi-Normal or Carter.

When the four return from the spa, Malcom says Abi-Normal has no social skills as she goes on and on about her experience at the spa. Mike and Denise feel Abi-Normal rubbing it in everyone’s face who didn’t get the reward. Denise even tries to shut her up by asking Carter how it was, but she wouldn’t shut up. Abi-Normal speaks over Carter and keeps going on and on about it.

If that isn’t bad enough then Abi-Normal announces she isn’t going to cook anymore, but she fully intends to keep eating. Basically, she’s going to lay around the camp like a useless slug.

Mike suggests a final four with Malcolm, Denise, him and Lisa. Lisa says she trusts Jonathan more, so she suggests Jonathan and Carter instead of Malcolm and Denise. Jonathan doesn’t want to commit to any alliance yet. So Lisa and Mike go with Malcolm and Denise.

Immunity Challenge –

1st round – get your buoy through the tangled rope to the finish post. Five who do it moves on to next round: Malcolm, Jonathan, Denise, Mike and Carter.

2nd round – next round three will move on. You have to balance on a pole as you move your buoy to the finish post. Mike, Carter and Denise are the ones who make it to the last round.

Final round – now on floating platform. They swim to boat and have to get their buoy around the boat. Carter is the fastest and wins immunity.

Jonathan wants to split the vote between Pete and Abi-Normal. Meanwhile, Pete plans to pitch getting rid of Malcolm to Mike and Lisa.

Pete and Abi-Normal try to get Lisa to flip, but she says no. Then they try to get Mike to come on board with their plan. Mike is thinking of jumping on Team Abi-Normal/Pete. Once again it’ll may be Mike’s vote that seals the deal.

Jonathan tells Malcolm what the dastardly duo are trying to do. So, Malcolm debates on whether he should play his Immunity Idol or not. Abi-Normal has no such problem as she plays the idol to say her bacon.

Then that troublemaker Jeff puts Abi-Normal on the tribal hot seat, but she just doesn’t get it. When Denise tries to explain it to her she won’t let Denise talk and talks right over her. She tries to claim no one on the tribe likes her because it’s all lost in translation.

Then it comes down to the vote. Mike votes for Abi-Normal since Kalabaw planned for half to vote for Abi-Normal and half to vote for Pete. Since Abi-Normal played the Immunity Idol Pete gets voted out.

Unless Abi-Normal wins Immunity next week, we may finally see the end of her, and I don’t think it’s very likely she’ll win. To put it bluntly, she sucks at all the reindeer games.


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