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Survivor Philippines -- The Mouse Bites The Cat

Updated on October 18, 2012

A player's sickness causes them to leave the game

Tonight’s lesson in what not to do to avoid getting your torch snuffed out at Tribal Council is be careful who you try to play cat-and-mouse with, because the mouse may bite back.

Malcolm and Denise return the Masting Camp for the last time. Denise thinks they’ll be split up and each sent to a different tribe, since it’s ridiculous to pit two people against two tribes of 6. And it turns out she’s right. Malcolm gets sent to Tandang while Denise is sent to Kalabaw. There goes the most loyalist alliance on the show this season. If they both manage to survive until the merging of tribes, maybe they’ll be able to pick their alliance up where they left off.

Before getting split up they search for the Immunity Idol. Malcolm lucks out when the top of the rice container falls off and lands at his feet. He didn’t really find the Immunity Idol, but he’s claiming it for his own.

After the reassignment of Malcolm and Denise to different tribes, Malcolm is sitting pretty. He’s on a new tribe and he’s got the Immunity Idol. Unfortunately, for Denise, the picture isn’t so pretty. It’s more of a case of different tribe but same story.

The first Reward Challenge of the season takes place. A member for the two remaining tribes faces off against each other. They both have an idol in their hand on a wooden tray. The winner is the one who knocks their rival’s idol off first.

Tandang wins thanks to Malcolm.

Jonathan says he likes Denise, but he would have preferred Malcolm on the team.

Malcolm feels he’s got his swag back. The new tribe seems to like him, as well. Everyone but RC, that is. She doesn’t seem thrilled he’s there. Says the minute she saw Malcolm talk to Pete she knew she had no chance. So RC goes off by herself to swim. She says she’s going to fight to stay. She’s going to try and flirt with Malcolm. Pete feels now that Malcolm is here he has no doubts about getting rid of Mike. Pete tells Malcolm he has the idol, but Malcolm doesn’t reveal he also has one of his own.

Denise trying to blend in with her new tribe and show she can be useful. Katie says she needs Denise to join their Girls’ alliance so they can have more numbers than the men. Unfortunately, that’s just not to be. Dana becomes ill. She can’t shake the cold. She’s dizzy and sick to her stomach. She can’t keep anything on her stomach. Dawson notices she’s burning up. They have to call medical attention in for her. The medic says they can try to see for another 12 hours if she gets better and can stay in the game. Jeff tells Dana it’s up to her if she wants to continue. Dana chooses to go, because she can’t stand the pain.

As horrible as this is, this could be a lucky break for Denise. Dana seemed to be the strongest female there, now Denise has become the alpha female of the tribe. It’s not the same story for Katie. Katie says Dana leaving screws up everything. She was her best ally.

Immunity Challenge –

Race through a series of obstacles, untie knots to bring down a drawbridge, and then chop rope to release puzzle pieces. Yep, it’s another puzzle. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember a season that had so many puzzles in a row.

Jeff playing Howard Cosell keeps saying Katie to blame for Kalabaw lagging behind. It’s like he’s painting a target on her back. Jeff also mentions how Abi hasn’t participated in many of the challenges. She actually kept her mouth shut about RC betraying her, this week, thank goodness.

Per usual, Denise is an asset during the challenge. Unfortunately, Katie and Dawson cost Kalabaw precious seconds in solving the puzzle and they lose to Tandang. Once again, Denise will be on a tribe going to Tribal Council. Jonathan blames Katie and Dawson for losing. They could be both on the chopping block.

Katie feels they’re blaming her for the loss and they are. Dawson tells Katie she’s being paranoid. Dawson thinks Denise will be the target, and so does Denise. Jeff offers Denise a chance to be a member of the Men’s alliance and she jumps at it. Seems the Girls’ Alliance will be going the same way that the RC/Abi Alliance went. Jeff feels Denise is a better competitor than Katie or Dawson. Jonathan says it’s either Katie or Dawson. Jonathan thinks Dawson is the weakest link.

Dawson starts digging Jeff about sports so he’ll know she knows he’s a baseball player. She thinks Jeff is the mouse and she’s the cat. Jeff’s worried if it comes out he’s a pro baseball player it could work against him. Thinks it might be better to vote Dawson out so she can’t rat him out.

Kalabaw goes to Tribal Council and the votes goes as follows:







Dawson voted out.

In short, the mouse bit the cat and sent it home.


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