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Survivor Philippines -- The Tribes Merge

Updated on November 1, 2012

Kalabaw gets the good news that the tribes are merging; or is it good news? Tandang outnumbers them, so will they just pick them off?

When Kalabaw returns to camp, pre-merge, Denise wonders if she’s cursed since she’s been at every tribal council. Jeff hopes he made the right choice keeping Jonathan. Jonathan thanks everyone for not voting against him. Privately he says seeing his name written down at tribal has opened his eyes and has put him on his guard.

Over at Tandang, Mike says today is the day he fell in the fire in his first season of Survivor. A boat comes into Tandang’s camp. They’re told the tribes are merging and they’re being taken to their new home. Malcolm has to hurry up and grab his idol.

Kalabaw gets the same news. A boat has come to take them to their new home. Denise would like to go back to her original alliance with Malcolm. But would he?

Once the two tribes arrive at their new home, they get to know each other. Jeff wants to get rid of Jonathan and Mike. Everyone enjoys the feast waiting for them. Mike feels he and RC are free agents. When Abi wants RC to suck-up to Denise to get info, RC points out their tribe isn’t one big happy family.

Lisa hanging everyone’s clothes up and finds the idol Malcolm has hidden. Malcolm tells Denise what happened, and he goes to do damage control with Lisa. Lisa says she won’t tell anyone. Malcolm tells her he and Denise have been tight from the start. Malcolm not happy he’s stuck in alliance with Denise and Lisa, which doesn’t sound like it bodes well for Denise. Malcolm doesn’t think he can win against Denise or Lisa. Sorry, Malcolm, but I really don’t see anyone voting for Lisa over you. Lisa’s not taking Malcolm’s promise of a final three deal too seriously, since you can’t trust what people say.

Jonathan tries making friends with his new tribe mates. Jonathan recognizes Lisa. They go swimming and bond. Jonathan thinks she could go very far sliding under the radar. Jonathan tells Mike they could be both in danger of being voted out. He’s trying to get Mike to turn on his former tribe mates. Mike goes to RC. Mike says they have to be careful.

Jeff is doing the same thing. He tells Malcolm and Pete he wants Jonathan gone. Pete wants to get RC out. Peter says they can’t let RC or Jonathan win immunity. As it turns out they have nothing to worry about on that score.

Immunity Challenge –

Individual immunity. One for the men and one for the women. Hold on to a rope handle attached to a bucket. When the bucket falls, you’re out of the challenge. Each bucket has 25% of your body weight. The longer you’re trying to keep your bucket elevated the harder it gets. One question? Is that 25% based on each person’s weight? Or just an average person’s weight? If it’s the average person, some could have it easier than others.

Mike is the first out.







Denise wins immunity for women


Jeff tries to broker a deal with Carter. Jeff gives up and Carter wins.

Artis thrilled RC and Jonathan didn’t win, so they can put into action their plan to get rid of one of them.

Dangrayne is the new tribe name. It sounds like a combo of danger and gangrene.

RC thinks she and Mike are safe. Mike approaches Jeff. Jeff says he doesn’t want Jonathan sticking around. Jeff goes to Carter. Carter wonders if they could get further with the vets. Jeff says if they jump sides it could backfire on them. Jonathan suggests voting Pete out.

Jeff tells Pete and Abi it’s still a go. Jeff not sure which way to go. If he gets the vets out, he’ll be at the bottom. Jeff says whatever move he makes won’t sit well with the other tribe.

Abi brings up RC’s “betrayal” at tribal. She conveniently forgets she’s the real betrayer and she betrayed RC long before the clue to the idol’s whereabouts was dug up. She even showed Pete the clue and they found the idol behind RC’s back. She really does have an Abi-normal brain.

Jonathan plays his idol, and it’s a good thing that he did, otherwise he’d be out of the game.







RC voted out and is the first member of the jury.

Abi-Normal and Pete thrilled they got what they wanted. I think Jeff just made a very big error. He should have gotten Abi-Normal and Pete out before flipping on Jonathan. Jeff turned on Jonathan for Abi-Normal and Pete. Jonathan knows he’s got a target on his back. It would be hilarious if Jonathan could turn this around and succeed in getting Jeff out, first, because he made the wrong move. I give kudos to Jonathan for using that idol. Others haven’t used it and have gotten the boot.


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