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Survivor Philippines -- Two Vets Strike A Deal

Updated on October 25, 2012

If there was a lesson to learn in regards to prevent your torch from being snuffed, it’s to maybe confront Jeff about him saying how useless you are in the challenge. Two weeks running Jeff has done that with Katie and Abi and it’s like he’s painting giant targets on their back

The episode begins with Kalabaw returning from tribal. Katie says she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Says she’s looking like the weakest link. Denise says she thinks Jonathan has the idol. Katie and Denise talk strategy. Feel Jonathan has to go. So, even though Denise has an alliance with the boys, she’s hedging her bets and acting like she’s on Team Katie.

Over at Tandang, Mike’s been eating raw rice, and Pete blames him for depleting their rice supply. Artis says Mike has eaten them out of house and home, and now that they have Malcolm, Mike is expendable.

Reward Challenge –

3 members for each tribe race out to large wicker ball and have to roll it back to their goal, while other tribe tries to stop them. First team that scores points 3 wins the reward, which is to be taken to a dry hut and eating and nice lunch.

This quickly becomes an endurance challenge when Jonathan and Mike are the only two able to try to move the wicker ball and neither is able to budge it an inch. That’s when Jonathan tries to broker a deal with Mike. Tandang can have all of their rice in exchange for letting Kalabaw win the challenge. So basically they gave up rice for several meals to have one nice lunch.

Although both teams go along with the deal the Survivor vets make, none of them are happy about it. Jeff doesn’t like that they traded all their rice for their meal. However, when they also got letters from home, Denise feels the letters from home were worth the rice. Still, now they need to be able to find food or they’re going to starve.

Over at Tandang, Artis’ pissed that they didn’t get the reward meal. It just inflames his dislike of Mike, even more. Team’s depressed because they gave up the reward. They realize they now only have 2 days of rice from giving up reward. RC tells Mike that Artis is pissed at him. RC says Abi, Pete and Artis are just nasty.

Carter isn’t happy about the deal as he watches Jonathan try to catch fish. Jonathan catches two small fishesm which they get small pieces of and have to eat raw, from the looks of it.

Immunity Challenge—

Please, not another puzzle.

One tribe member launches balls with a giant sling shot as other members try to catch them. First to score 5 wins.

Jeff, once again, mentions Abi sitting out of another challenge. Also says how ineffective Katie was in the game. Dude, why don’t you just paint a target on their backs.

Tandang wins again.

Jeff says Carter was out-muscled by Malcolm. Jeff not sure if he’ll honor his alliance to Jonathan. Jeff debating with Carter if they should get rid of Jonathan or Katie. Jeff says they have to make sure Jonathan doesn’t see it happening. Unfortunately, Carter lets it slip and asks Jonathan if it’s Penner or Katie. However, Jonathan doesn’t seem to get his departure is being discussed as a possible option. Katie doesn’t buy it when Penner says she’s safe and it’s Denise. She tries to convince others it’s time to get rid of Jonathan.

Denise and Katie feel they’re in danger at tribal and say so. Jeff doesn’t mention it, but Denise has been at every tribal council this season. That’s got to be a new record.

The vote goes as follows:

Katie – Jonathan

Denise – Katie

Jonathan – Katie

Carter – Katie

Jeff – Katie

Katie is voted out.

Kalabaw is down to four and Denise could be on the firing line as the only surviving female of the tribe. Here’s hoping Kalabaw wins the immunity challenge, next week. It’s time for Tandang to go to tribal.


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    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 5 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      Those people were fools not to get rid of Jonathan when they had the chance. But honestly, for that deal to be made everyone had to give their OK. Anyone who wasn't on board should have stood their ground.

      I still like Survivor, but I really wish they would move the next one to a different type of environment. Maybe they could really mix it up and have it someplace cold, where they had to build igloos for shelter. Even if they went to a desert location that would be better. I'm so sick of seeing whiny people huddled in a bamboo hut while it rains.

      Great summary kathryn64. Voted up.