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Survivor -- Redemption Island --Fool Me Once Shame On You

Updated on April 6, 2011

Fool Me Twice Shame On me

Sarita arrives at Redemption Island, while her tribe says she took it well being blind-sided by them.

Both tribes are invited to the last Redemption Island duel. Rob figures afterwards the tribes will merge. Rob tells Phillip he should take his things with him, but Phil thinks they'll be coming back to their old camp and decides to leave his stuff there.

Matt cut his foot, and the latest duel is an endurance comp when you have to balances on ledges in your bare feet. Jeff announces that winner of this challenge gets to go back to the game. During the comp, Jeff asks Phillip what advice he can give Matt for the endurance comp. I swear, Jeff asks this guy questions like this to see what nonsense will come out of this loon's mouth next. And Phil doesn't disappoint. He starts going on about samurai warriors.

The comp looks close, with Sarita having an edge, but she falls out and Matt wins. Jeff gives him a new buff and announces the tribes have merged. Phillip should have listened to Rob, since they're sent to a new beach. Jeff also says Redemption Island begins all over again.

The new tribe finds a feast on the beach. They turn to Rob for a new name. He comes up with Murlonio, which he lies about what it means, when he just made the word up. He's like Svengali and these people are his mindless puppets.

Matt is weighing his options on which tribe to align with. Thinks he has a good advantage since all the people he dueled gave him inside info.

Mike is trying to find a way to use Matt to his own advantage. Mike approached Matt about forming an alliance with him and Andrea. Mike tells him Boston Rob is going to take them all out one-by-one unless they do something to stop him.

The new tribe builds a shelter, but it becomes obvious they're still two separate tribes living under one roof as the Zapatera's spend a miserable night being rained on because the Ometepe's won't share their tarps with them.

Matt tells Andrea he wants to take Ometepe out. He wants to vote out Steve and Phillip first, then blindside them. Andrea's not that into Matt's plan and says she's keeping her options open.

Matt says after he defeated Steph he thought God wanted him to win Redemption Island. Matt starts having doubts about making a move against Ometepe.

Rob ridicules the Christian Coalition to one of his groupies as he watches Matt and Mike going on about the bible. Rob decides he wants to get rid of Mike first.

The first individual immunity challenge involves balancing on a log while holding a disc in one hand balancing first one, then two, then three balls on top of it. Drop the balls or fall off the log and you're out of it.

Julie falls off the log during the first round when you only have to balance one ball on it.

In the second round Ashley and David are out of it.

Third round comes down to Natalie and Mike. Mike's in the zone, until a fly lands on his balls and then he loses it and Natalie wins.

Mike thinks if he doesn't get Matt on their side, he could be going to Redemption Island. He asks Ralph if he'll use his immunity idol to save him at tribal council and Ralph agrees. He also suggests targeting Rob's right-hand man, Grant.

Rob starts sucking up to Matt. Matt, in one of the dumbest moves in the history of Survivor, tells Rob his initial plan to take out Ometepe and throws Andrea under the bus by saying she was on board with it. Afterwards, Rob decides Matt has to go and gets everyone under his power to vote Matt off and back to Redemption Island. Andrea doesn't tell Matt what Rob is doing.

Matt starts feeling like he's ostracized and Mike still tries to work on him to do the smart thing and turn on Ometepe. He passed Matt a note telling him to vote Grant off. Matt still torn on what to do. So is Andrea, who says Rob wants her to vote Matt out.

At tribal council Ralph says there are still two tribes and Dave says they got the bad side of the shelter. Natalie makes a crack that they won the tarp so why should they have to share. Then Dave sets Phil off by saying they didn't try that hard to win. Phil goes on about not winning and likens Zapatera to parasites they don't want to mix with. Ralph mentions how Ometepe screwed Matt once and they'll do it again. Boston Rob looks worried that Matt may buy a clue before it's too late. Ralph uses the immunity idol on Mike, which was the second dumbest move of tonight's episode. He should have used it on Matt, instead.

As the time goes to write a name down, Matt still debates over what to do. Boston Slob wins again as Matt gets blindsided when he's voted out again and sent back to Redemption Island. Julie feels sorry for the poor kid for what Ometepe did to him. Matt still has a chance to return to the game, but will it do any good? He says he doesn't know how to play the game. He actually had a good plan and should have stuck with it, but he did a totally dumb thing in telling all to Boston Slob.

It isn't that Boston Slob is so all fired smart, it's that he's playing against a bunch of dummies. While I loathed Stephanie and her alliance with Russell, she was right about her tribe being a bunch of freaking morons.

It's a shame after Matt won six duels he got booted right out and because of his own stupidity. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I still hope Matt makes it back one more time and the third time is the charm and he somehow gives Boston Slob the boot. That after being stabbed in the back twice, he finally wises up and realizes Ometepe and his little gal pal, Andrea, can not be trusted. Winning those six duels makes him deserving to win the whole thing and I'd love to see him do it.


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    • profile image

      BentleyMom 6 years ago

      Matt is just too nice but if he makes it & comes back again I hope he wins! And that is coming from a Boston Rob fan.