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Survivor -- Redemption Island -- Don't Take Anything For Granted

Updated on May 13, 2011

Apparently There's No RI Twist

It's another week of Rob and his moonies. Now the Zapas are gone, the show's become pretty boring. Watching King Rob decide who goes next and these idiots not trying to band together and get rid of him, is just plain boring. You can ride someone's coattails only for so long. When you get to this point of the game, you need to make a move. But these pigeons are just contented to bill and coo and let Rob decide who goes next and blindly go along with what he wants.

Ashley was crowing about getting rid of Andrea and blind-siding her. If the little dimwit hadn't won immunity, she would have been crowing out the other side of her mouth, because she was the first one King Rob deemed was going to RI next. Rob's worried about the little Girl Power thing Ashley and Nat have going together and wanted to break it up, fast.

RI was probably only interesting part of the show. When Andrea arrived, no one was rolling out the red carpet to welcome her. She and her crew treated the Zapas like crap and she stabbed Matt in the back twice. Matt and Andrea had a whole he said/she said moment, when Matt says she's always making puppies eyes at him during the RI comps and she says he's shooting the evil eye at her. She pretty much blames Matt for backstabbing him. Saying he shouldn't have waffled in his plan and spilled his guts to Rob about what he was planning to do.

Ralph, God love him, has got a good memory, and won't share his shelter with her. He remembers how she and the fellow slobs wouldn't share their tarp and let the Zapas get soaking wet in the rain.

The RI comp is to guild a knife through a maze, break a tile to get puzzle pieces and to get the puzzle together. Unfortunately, Andrea got her puzzle down before Ralph, and Ralph was sent to the jury. 

Back at Camp Moronio [that's not a typo] Phillip is getting in Team Nashley's face. He thinks they should perhaps eat less of the food. They don't take kindly to that. Heck, they can't stand him. Rob says Phil is nuts and he doesn't mean the N word. Again, if Phillip has faked the entire craziness, this man deserves to win. 

The immunity challenge was another puzzle. Ashley beat Rob, torpedoing his plan to send her off to RI. So he turns on Grant and decides Grant should go, which he does. Grant says something as he's grabbing his torch. He's not a happy camper. Again, he only has his self to blame. At this point he should have been breaking camp with Rob, cutting a deal with the girls and voting Rob back to Beantown.

On this show Jeff said only one person would return from RI. The show had the perfect chance to shake-up the snoozefest the show has become with King Rob calling all the shots and messing him up. But apparently they don't intend to do it. There goes all my hopes for Rob to have the rug pulled out from under him. So much for that.


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