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Survivor -- Redemption Island --- Idiots To The End

Updated on May 23, 2011

Boston Rob Not The Greatest Player In Survivor History

By now, you know that Boston Rob won not only a million dollars but the award for being best player. Personally, that award should have gone to Matt. So, our little reality show ho has a nice wad of cash and a new TV gig, preventing this guy from ever getting a real job. 

Before the finale aired, CBS was billing this guy as the best Survivor player ever. Sorry, no. He lucked out and got on a tribe with a pack of nitwits who have the same mentality as those who join a cult. Without the Rob Zombies he would have gotten the boot just like Russell did. If any of the Zapas had been on the Ometepe tribe, Boston Slob would have gotten the boot sooner rather than later. None of the Zapas would have let Rob run then around by the nose like these sheep did. Boston Rob just lucked off by getting on the right tribe with the right people who were mesmerized by him like as any cult member is with their leader.

Redemption Island turned out to be a big waste of time. Survivor could have pulled a twist to pull the rug out from under Boston Rob, but by then I think the fix was in, and CBS thought the perfect end to the show was Boston Rob as winner. By fix, I mean while they can't actually fix a show, they can give someone an edge that they hope will help them to win. In all my years of watching Survivor, I've never seen one puzzle after another, opposed to an even mix of physical and mental challenges. Just by coincidence Boston Rob didn't have the stamina to compete in taxing physical challenges, but he was good at puzzles.

Andrea ended up winning the final RI challenge. I think after the Slobettes backstabbed Matt that final time, he lost his spirit and just wanted to be out of the game, since he really didn't come in first in any of the RI challenges after that. Matt said he found his time on RI to be spiritually rewarding. Mike said the same. 

When Andrea returned to the game, she got the Zapa treatment, and was ostracized. She tried her best to get the two remaining concubines: Nat and Ashely to flip on King Rob, of course, they stayed true to their little tin god. When Andrea said some very true facts about the remaining Slobs, Ashley took offense and was morally outraged. In her deluded mind, she thinks she's playing a good game. At this point the idiots waited too long to get Rob out, and it was a foregone conclusion he would win it all.

When Rob wins the final immunity challenge, Ashley is sure Nat has her back and Phil will go. Guess again, sweetie. Your fellow concubine sided with the little tin god, and she was the last person sent to jury.

The jury's questions to the final three were interesting, although none were on the level of Sue Hawk.  

As it turns out, Phil wasn't playing some masterful game, like I began to hope. He's just a delusion nut case. This big speech he had planned that would win him it all, turned out to be a complete nothing.

Andrea asks Phil who he really is and says Nat rode on Rob's coat tails and that they had a really creepy relationship.

Ashley tells Phil not to talk, but no one can shut that mouth up. That having to put up with him taught her patience. She says Nat betrayed her. And says she doesn't know who Rob is and doesn't want to know him. Ah, when the delusional cult members finally see the light, after their God has kicked them under the bus.

Ralph says Nat was afraid to make any decision without Rob.

Matt asks where the line is drawn with all that Rob did.

Julie says none of them played a respectful game. Says she'd be ashamed if she were a parent. That Phil is hated by everyone and hopes Rob treats his own daughter with more respect than he did Nat.

Mike asks aside from lying and cheating did they learn anything positive from the game.

Steve says Phil is shameful.

Dave actually remembers they were playing a game, he says Rob managed to control his tribes minds and thoughts, but he's really the only one sitting there that deserves to win. And he does.

At the reunion show, Dave proposed to a former Survivor contestant. Phil apologized to Steve, and someone supported Phillip's claim he was a former secret agent man. Jeff said the next Survivor will also feature Redemption Island and two former players. Since Russell says he's recovered from his emotional trauma he'd be game for another go, so we may not have seen the last of Russell. And I have a bad feeling we may not have seen the last of Phil, either, since Jeff just loves the lunatic.


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