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Survivor -- Redemption Island -- Now The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

Updated on May 8, 2011

It's God's Will...I Don't Think So

The Slobs return to camp crowing about their victory in booting all the Zapa's. Nat starts bawling because now they'll have to start voting out each other, next. Their Messiah says all he has to do is keep them all happy for eight more days and he'll win the whole ball of wax. 

Both the Slobs and the Redemption Isle refugees get video messages from home from their loved ones. Then it's competition time on RI. This is the first four-way challenge. They have to smash tiles. Mike wins, Matt and Ralph are tied for second and Steve is sent to the jury.

Mike is given a choice of a personal visit with his family, to let his fellow RI refugees visit with their family, or let the Slobs visit their family. Mike gives the visits to The Slobs, so once against these nasty little turds get rewarded once more. Mike proclaims it's what God wants. I don't think so.

Matt's God stuff doesn't bother me, because I feel he's sincere in his religious beliefs. Mike, not so much. I thought he started the whole God stuff when Matt rejoined the game to suck up to Matt and try to convince him to align with the Zapa's against the Ometepes. And I believe he gave the Slobs the visits to suck up to them and is pretending it's because it's what God would want him to do. Hey, Mike, you remember when those selfish slobs were all nice and warm and cozy under their tarp that they wouldn't share while you got rained on? Do you really think God would want you to reward such nasty, selfish people?

Even Matt said if he'd won, he didn't think he'd be able to do it. And Ralph was ticked off by what Mike did. after the way those people treated them. Me, too. I couldn't even enjoy watching those nasty cruds and their visits. One interesting thing did come from the family visits, the guy Phillip was with his sister was totally different from the Psycho Phillip everyone's been putting up with. It makes me wonder if this dude has been putting on an act the entire time so everyone would hate him so they'd keep him around thinking anyone could win against a wingnut like him.

He pretty much says the same thing, as he goes about irritating everyone. Maybe this guy really was an operative, because if he's been faking this Psycho Phillip act, than the man is smarter then those morons who think Boston Rob is their God.

The immunity challenge is to race to get puzzle pieces that fit on a long staircase of steps. The first one who puts the correct puzzle piece on the correct step and gets to the top wins. Boston Slob wins and nearly collapses from the task. His slaves quickly run to give him aid and he recovers quite well.

There's a nice bit of karma in store for Miss Andrea, as she gets the Zapa treatment. Her brethren lie to her that Phillip is the one who is going to be voted out, and she's smugly assured that she's not going to be voted out. He team has got her back. But they all backstab her the way she did Matt, and she's a bit ticked off when she finds out she's been excommunicated from the Church of Rob and off to Redemption Island.  


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