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Survivor -- Redemption Island -- The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

Updated on April 21, 2011

And God Sent A Plague Of Maggots Down On The Slobettes

I know with Easter coming up this weekend I shouldn't joke about stuff like that, but Matt's very into God, and after all the dirty stuff the Slobettes have done, it seems God finally decided to give the nasty Slobettes a little divine retribution in the form of some maggots in their rice.

The duel on Redemption Island and the Immunity Challenge wasn't where the action was. The immunity challenges have become a moot point at this point. Even if a Zapa wins, the Slobs will just vote another Zapa out. Pretty pointless, since the mindless droids that are the Slobettes have proved they'll only vote the way their lord and master tells them to.

I have no idea what the Jeffster is planning to pull with this Redemption Island stuff. Honestly, when Matt rejoined the game, that should have been the end of it. Now they're doing these three people comps. And the one that loses becomes a member of the jury and the other two get to stay and compete. Think the show is going to pull something to pull the rug out from beneath Slob and the Slobettes, since they probably figure the show is going to be a complete dud as Rob votes all these mindless droids out until he's in the final two with whackjob Phillip.

I'm not even sure if Matt's remark at the RI comp about never believing strangers could hurt him so much even hit the mark with any of those soulless losers who stabbed him in the back twice. The comp was building a house of cards out of tiles up to a certain point. Matt and Mike did it. Mike technically beat Matt but since the two who did it first still get a chance to get back in the game, it was Dave that got sent to jury.

As I said before, the action started at camp and was started by the king loon, himself, Psycho Phillip. The Slobettes think they're so privileged and are so smug and arrogant they think they can dictate to the Zapas how much of their own rice they can eat. Since the piggy Slobettes share nothing they have with the Zapa's, it's none of their business how much rice the Zapa's eat when it's their rice. Apparently, Psycho Phillip is counting how many scoops of rice each Zapa is eating. The Slobs only eat two and since their the little dictators of the game, he doesn't think the Zapa's should be allowed to eat more than two, either, even though it's their rice and nothing to do with the selfish slobs who share nothing that belongs to them with the Zapas.

Steve got into it with Psycho Phillip. He said Psycho Phil was crazy and that lunatic starting playing the race card and using the N word and saying Steve was racist against him because he's black. Phillip you are nuts and that starts with N but it's not the N word, Neither is it when someone rightfully calls you crazy. Psycho, that's their rice, you filthy selfish slobs share nothing with them, and you may have control of the game because you're a bunch of mindless droids worshipping a dude that's never been able to win this game, but you don't control what other people do with their own stuff.

This is where the divine retribution comes in. Slob and Grant are singing a song about the Zapa's hogging rice and lo and behold they discover they've got maggots in their rice. Poor babies. It got even better when the Slobs thought the Zapas should share their rice urn with them since there's has a hole in the bottom. They thought the big problem was that their rice wasn't good, and kept saying the rice was good, thinking that would get the Zapas to help them out. Need I remind everyone they wouldn't share their tarps and let the Zapa's be rained on, and later at tribal council Nasty Natalie smugly declared why should they share anything with them, since it belonged to them before the merge.

Of course, the Slobs are so smug, arrogant and stupid and think they're the privileged tribe it never occurred in their tiny little brains to think, "Why would they share anything with us after the way we've treated them." Instead, they didn't understand why the Zapa's were being so selfish and mean to them, and Psycho Phillip even vowed to steal their urn from them when he got a chance. There's a word for you people, it's called bullies. They've had everything going their way for so long they cannot compute when it doesn't.

During this whole, "Our rice has maggots and we need you to give us this" crap, they didn't get that Steve was making fun of them. It went completely over their stupid little heads. I was laughing my head off as Steve kept saying, "I'll have to ask Ralph." Which is what the Zapa's got every single time they asked the Slobettes for the time of day, "I'll have to ask Rob." But these morons are so stupid they didn't even get it. They didn't get the Zapas were giving them a nice big taste of their own medicine.

The immunity challenge featured completing two puzzles. Slob won, with Steve behind by just a hair. Like I said, it wouldn't have mattered if Steve had won. The mindless morons would have just voted another Zapa off instead.

Back at camp, Julie decided to take Psycho Phil's declaration that this was war because you won't give us what we want, seriously. Phil threatened to steal their rice urn, so she returned the favor and stole his shorts off a clothes line and buried them where he won't find them, forcing him to run around his his nasty pink underwear. This caused another meltdown by the resident crackpot. I'm surprised no one figured out it was Julie, since she could barely contain her laughter. But as I've stated numerous times, the Slob are idiots.

Tribal council was a trip. Psycho Phil was still playing the race card. He claims that saying he's crazy is the same as calling him the N word. When Jeff tried to make him realize it was gibberish, he turned on Jeff and started playing the race card and asking Jeff if he knew what it felt like to be a woman, so don't pretend he knows what it's like to be black. Jeff ended up placating the lunatic and saying he had a rational point of view. Then Jeff wanted to know who stole Phil's short. Julie happily admitted it. Julie was voted off by the Slobs and said she was just glad to be away from that lunatic. Who wouldn't be. 

I'm just wondering if since two people are being allowed to remain on Redemption to compete to return if two players are going to be allowed back in the game instead of one. I also don't think any of the Slobettes are even thinking that once they get rid of the Zapa's it's their turn next to get the boot. Maybe they think their guru is going to take them with him to the finals or share his winning with them since they're a family. Something tells me Ambah would have something to say about that. And considering Ambah already won a million dollars in this game, I hope Slob doesn't win.


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