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Switched At Birth -- Adios, Arriverderci, Goodbye

Updated on July 20, 2014

An ode to Angelo

This episode should have been a tearjerker and incredibly sad, but all it did was leave me cold and emotionless. The fact of the matter is the writing just wasn't there and really hasn't been there, all season.

If I'm honest the writing for the Angelo character has been extremely bad and disjointed since they had the black chick whose name I can't recall show up knocked up by Angelo. Angelo was ready to walk away from the child, but when Bay snarled and spat in his face about deserting another child, he suddenly decided he wanted the child. Then he fought for custody of the baby, but when it was too hard for him to take care of her and when Regina refused to help, he gave the baby back to the Dads that adopted her.

Then Angelo got involved with this country club woman he was going to open a fancy restaurant with and you could tell before it even happened it was going to be a big disaster. First the mother then the daughter kept asking for more and more money to open this restaurant that was destined never to open and be and money pit that sucked up all the money Angelo had. Maybe the show wanted to punish Angelo by taking away all the money he got for profiting off the switch when he was the least deserving to profit from it, as he was the least affected.

He left Daphne when she was just a baby, so it's not like he had this big emotional attachment to her. He knew she wasn't his child. So it's not like he suffered as much as the others involved in the switch, yet he was the only one who got rewarded for it. And if you think of it most of the stuff he used the money for turned to poison.

The food truck Angelo bought Daphne ended up being a disaster. She got robbed in it and then developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And the sporty little car Angelo bought for himself may have even contributed to his own death. Maybe if he had been in a normal car less damage would have been done and the doctors would have known immediately he'd had an aneurysm that burst and maybe had been able to do something to save his life.

Regina recalled when Angelo had the DNA test that showed Daphne wasn't his child. It wasn't exactly as she claimed it was. She's the one who kicked Angelo out and told him to go. She had a little what if moment of if she'd have gone after Angelo and talked rationally to him and he hadn't left.

Bay had one of those herself where she was giving birth and Angelo was there to coach her through it. And Daphne imagined Angelo was there to walk her down the aisle. Of course, all that will never to be.

Along with regrets for what will never be is a healthy dose of guilt. Bay feels guilty that Angelo was living next door to her and she just ignored him. She can't even recall the last conversation she had with him. Well, you know the show couldn't spare a Bay/Angelo scene now they were doing Emmett/Bay. John also feels guilty because Angelo came asking for a loan and he turned him down, enjoying every minute of it.

Bay and Daphne got into it over Angelo and Daphne acting like she knew what Angelo would want. So Bay goes with Emmett to search Angelo's apartment to see what he would really want and discover his living will. Since the doctor has declared Angelo brain dead and shown Daphne the proof there's no blood going to his brain, it isn't long before the plug is pulled on Angelo. Before it is Bay calls Angelo's mother who says goodbye to him over the phone.

When the doctor is basically divvying up Angelo's body parts before the plug is pulled she mentions the real cause of Angelo's accident. He had an aneurysm that burst while he was driving and it caused him to crash. When the doctor says stress or anger could have caused it to burst, Daphne gets all pinch-faced as she glares over at Regina. And after the plug is pulled on Angelo, she blasts Regina, telling her it's her fault Angelo is dead and that she'll never forgive her.

Maybe part of the reason this whole thing left me cold is it seems they made it all about Daphne. She hasn't even taken one med class but the doctors are giving her information they're not giving anyone else. Then you had the whole SAT scene where she rushed out cause she couldn't answer her cell phone and hear a message about her Daddy. And now she's blaming Regina for killing her Daddy.

I'm sorry but I didn't buy her suddenly close relationship with Angelo anymore than I buy her suddenly wanting to be a doctor. Since this show started she was all about wanting to be a chef and never expressed any interest in being a doctor. And for most of Angelo's time on the show she's been all pinch-faced and resentful of him because he left her. Even though he left because he found out she wasn't his child, she still insisted of believing it was because she was deaf. But John more than made up for Angelo in the father department, but it was never enough for her. Now she's Daddy's little girl, when neither even had any kind of deep bond with each other, while Bay and Angelo were virtually ignored when the show knew it was planning to kill him off.

This show just seems obsessed with having anyone want to bond with Bay and everyone is supposed to be all ga-ga over the golden child, Daphne. Bay got to live with Angelo and Regina, so we can't have Daphne slighted and Daphne gets to live with them as a family, too.

And it seems Angelo's death will be all about Daphne, too, if the promo is anything to go by. She's throwing stuff declaring being good doesn't matter. Hate to break it to her but cheating on your boyfriend and blackmailing a politician aren't things one would label her as being good.

I guess I should have known Angelo was a goner when Angelo started getting close to Daphne instead of having Daphne getting involved with her latest flavor of the month boyfriend. No male that gets attached to Daphne for a season lasts beyond that season.

The sad part about Angelo is he could have opened a simple restaurant on his own or even worked with Daphne in her food truck, but he wanted to be a big I. M. and that eventually cost him everything.

Had the writing been better maybe Angelo's death would have touched me and caused me to shed a tear. Instead, I feel his death was totally unnecessary and just done to give Daphne some big emotional storyline.


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