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Switched At Birth -- Are John And Kathryn Headed For A Divorce?

Updated on February 13, 2014

Too much booze gives Kathryn a case of loose lips

Toby moves into his new apartment and discovers his father knows more about his marriage than he does. Seems Nikki's mom, Denise, told John that Nikki wants to extend her stay and not come home. Needless to say that doesn't make Toby's day that his wife is telling her mother stuff before she's told him. So it looks like the parents might have been right and Toby and Nikki shouldn't have gotten married.

When Bay has her interview for the art school she learns if she is on a sports team she has a better chance at getting in. So she goes back to Toby wanting to get back on the field hockey team, but before he'll let her he intends to put her to the test. So Bay asks Tank to help her practice for her field hockey try-out, but during their practice Bay makes the uncomfortable realization that Tank is starting to get into her, and she doesn't feel the same. She eventually gives him the, "I'm just not that into you," speech. Unfortunately, while she's doing it she cuts the palm of her hand and paramedics have to be called. Will the cut affect Bay's ability to draw?

I guess I'm kind of disappointed about the Tank/Bay twist, since it seems like this show can't do one male/female relationship without it turning into a romance. The only way a man and woman can be just friends on this show seems to be if one is gay and the other is straight.

Which brings us to Renzo and Kathryn's trip to New York. He takes her to a publishing friend to pitch her idea for a new book about doing sporty things at 50. Unfortunately, someone else has already had the same idea, and Kathryn is feeling all depressed that her new book idea is a flop. Then Renzo takes Kathryn out to a bar with his publisher friend and she really drinks too much, as she starts spilling secrets she knows about what happened with the baseball wives when John was in the league. Needless to say the publisher loves all the dirt she's hearing and offers Kathryn a book deal spilling all the dirty secrets she knows. Something tells me when John finds out about this he isn't going to be happy.

Not that Kathryn will be happy when she finds out what happened between John and Nikki's mother, either. Regina sees the two kissing, and you know she's not going to be able to keep that to herself. What really happened was Denise spent the day with John and there was also drinking going on and Denise put a lip lock on John. The problem is John didn't push her away and she ended the kiss on her own and apologized for what she did.

I'm going to give John the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't kiss her back, but he also didn't push her away. Which begs the question of what is considered cheating? Even if your lips don't move and you don't kiss them back is it considered cheating because you didn't push them away? I'm kind of thinking it is. If your married and someone is kissing you, you push them away immediately. You just don't sit there and let them have their way with you. It's kind of passive cheating. "Oh, I'm not interested but I don't want to hurt their feelings so I'll just let them see I'm not going to kiss them back and they'll get the message and stop kissing me." It also made what Regina saw seem to be consensual and a mutual action instead of just the action of Nikki's mother. Bad move, John.

Finally, Daphne started becoming concerned about Sharee's home life. At first, she seems to wonder if Sharee's mother's boyfriend is being abusive. She reluctantly agrees to lend Sharee her car, but when Sharee doesn't show for field hockey and Toby declares she's off the team, Daphne tells Regina about what she observed when she picked Sharee up at her house and that she lent her car to Sharee.

Regina insists on going with Daphne to Sharee's house where they meet Sharee's mother and she seems more than a little bit off. Sharee comes home and gives Daphne back her car keys. Regina tells Daphne she doesn't think it's right for a teenager to have to take care of her obviously mentally ill mother. The question is will Regina decide to turn Sharee's mother into Child Protective Services. If that happens, I doubt Sharee will be grateful if she's taken from her mother and put into foster care.

I don't know why, but my overwhelming feeling while watching this episode was this season hasn't been very good. It's not even good as Barista Boy Summer, which wasn't that stellar, either. The season just seems all over the place and unfocused. And known of the stories are that compelling. The whole thing with Daphne and the paralyzed guy vs the nurse isn't that interesting. Kathryn's mid-life crisis isn't that interesting. And the field hockey story isn't that interesting.

The whole thing about Bay and Emmett reuniting seemed to just be a tease to get Bay and Emmett fans to watch. When Bay made her move and kissed him she was shot down. I'm not a fan of a reunion for these two after the cheating, but the point is the network has been falsely promoting a reunion from the two, so I imagine people waiting for that are disappointed.

I know I'm disappointed because they never continued the Noah story and just dropped it. I thought it would have been a great story for Daphne to help Noah learn to adjust to going deaf. But instead they brought on Barista Boy and now have brought on two more not very interesting love interests to vie for Daphne's affections. The problem is the show screwed up by having Bay and Noah because boyfriend and girlfriend instead of just keeping them friends. Then it made it real icky for Noah and Daphne to get together, which may be why they just dropped a potentially good story all together.

The only really good development so far this season has been John getting out of politics. Ever since he got into him his personality took a nose dive, so hopefully John can go back to being the person he was before the politics nonsense happened.


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