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Switched At Birth -- Back To Carleton

Updated on January 18, 2014

Carleton goes ghetto

John is still stinging over Daphne's summer blackmail and she feels like he doesn't love her anymore. When she's working at her court appointed job and hears how some parents throw their kids out, she becomes worried John might just do the same to her. Her answer to try and get her and John to bound again is to start up the basketball team and get John to coach. Only that doesn't go as planned and a field hockey team emerges instead with Toby as coach.

It seems like last season was a time for Bay and Regina to finally bond, this season will feature Toby and Daphne bonding as brother and sister. To be honest they haven't really done much with Daphne and Toby's relationship since the first season and Toby got in trouble for gambling.

It seems another repeat story from two season ago is the deaf kids trying to get along with the hearing kids. Now it seems to be last semesters students at Carleton having to get along with the new students who seem to be straight out of Dangerous Minds.

Daphne runs afoul of one girl who takes everything Daphne says the wrong way. She explains Carleton got all the rejects that the other schools wouldn't take when their school closed down. She describes herself and her fellow students as dummies.

At her community service assignment Daphne runs afoul of the doctor in charge for being late. He won't listen to her try to explain it wasn't her fault, as someone slashed the tires on her car. On the bright side she meets another worker in a wheelchair. I'm guessing this will be this season's love interest.

So I guess that means they've totally dropped the Noah story. I thought it had great potential of Daphne helping him adjust to become deaf. But with the direction the Carleton story has taken, there really isn't any room for Noah's story now.

Bay isn't pleased that she won't get any art programs at Carleton, so Melody suggests she sign up for a college art course, which she's allowed to do at Carleton. In the art class she gets teamed up with a jock class mate who is currently pledging a fraternity. Since their first assignment for art class is to do a picture of each other, she comes to the kegger he has to be at. At the kegger she runs into Mary Beth who almost spills the beans on why Ty really dumped her. When Mary Beth says Ty hasn't asked about her, Bay proceeds to get drunk and nearly has sex with one of the frat boys. Thankfully, her jock class mate stops her from doing that and she cries on his shoulder about Ty. Bay has been keeping from all her family what happened between her and Ty since both Regina and Daphne go back a long way with Ty. The only one she's told is Emmett.

When John learns Daphne's car was slashed at school, he wants to pull both Daphne and Bay out of Carleton, but Kathryn and Regina convince him to back-off and Melody says they need to give it time for the students to adjust to each other since this is still early days.

Regina learns she's going to be out of a job when her boss decides to move away with her new boyfriend and sell the business. Bay suggests that Regina approach Angelo about lending her the money to buy the business since she's so good at it. Unfortunately, Regina picks the wrong time to approach Angelo about money. His business partner's daughter has taken over and she has all these expensive plans and she basically cleans Angelo's pockets or gives him the offer to sell his half out. He decides to stay in. But when Regina asks for money after that he just rails at Regina that he spent money on her rehab and it's her fault he gave up custody of the baby because she wouldn't help raise her. Needless to say this puts Regina and Angelo's renewed relationship on the rocks.

Finally, Kathryn seems to be going through some kind of midlife crisis. She feels disconnected to her life and decides to see a psychiatrist to help her. His idea of help is to subscribe her happy pills. Are all shrinks pill pushers? I had a friend who was addicted to prescription drugs and her psychiatrist just kept giving her more and more prescriptions instead of trying to get her off them. Someone seriously needs to crack down on this. What happened to the days when you went to a psychiatrist and he helped you with your problems instead of shoving a prescription at you and telling you that would solve everything?

I figured that Kathryn was going to be well on her way to having a pill addiction, but she got attracted to a tap dance class and it did more for her than the pill pushing shrink. She also made a new friend in a fellow tap dance student. She even lied to John so she could get out of attending a social function so she could spend time with him. I don't think there's going to be a romance between Kathryn and her new guy buddy. He seems like just a friend whose helping her learn to have fun, again.

Anyway, with the exception of Regina, all the women have new males in their lives. The males in Bay and Kathryn's lives seem more of just the friend variety, which would be nice to see. Not every male and female friendship has to turn to sex. But per usual Daphne's new male friend seems more than likely to become her new love interest. I swear she seems to get a new one every season.


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