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Switched At Birth -- Bay Tells The Truth...Sort Of

Updated on June 24, 2014

Didn't they do this on Glee?

Bay seemed to be reading from the Cheater's Playbook this week, as she dumped Tank and explained she had dumped Tank, leaving out the part where she cheated on Tank. Meanwhile it seems like the show is getting storyline ideas from Glee.

Bay finally went over to tell Tank it was over and they should just be friends. When he asked if it was because of Ty or Emmett, she wouldn't admit it, and claimed that they were just too different. She also refused to take blame for Tank quitting his fraternity for him, when he said if she hadn't been so critical of the frat he might not have been led to quit.

Bay should have been honest with Tank, and because she wasn't he thinks maybe he still has a chance with her and drops by the Kennish household. Unfortunately, Tank gets a lecture and sermon from a morally righteous John about how he thought he was better to screw Bay without using any kind of protection so she had to get the Morning After Pill. Bay told John she and Tank had broken up but she left out the part where she cheated on Tank with Emmett, so she got John's sympathy instead of his disdain. Tank knows very well he wasn't tapping that well so he puts two and two together and comes up with four.

Bay actually has the nerve to get all preachy about Tank missing art class and how they need to get along even though they broke-up. That's when Tank lets little Miss Cheater have it with both barrels and asked which of her exes she cheated on him with: the one who pretended to cheat or the one who actually cheated. He figures out it's Emmett and he wants nothing more to do with her. I'm sure this is the last we'll see of Tank.

While Bay was being shed of her summer season boyfriend, Daphne was shedding hers, as well. Campbell took umbrage when Daphne got promoted to assistant over him. She said she asked for a job and he didn't and asked if this is going to effect them. He claimed it was fine, but we all know Campbell is a jerk. When there's a state inspection and they get a demerit Daphne blames Campbell. Then she suggests he ask for a job if he wants one. He does that and gets one at another hospital. He tells Daphne he won't be able to have time to see her, anymore. Bye, bye, Campbell. Don't let the doorknob hit the back of your wheelchair as you roll away. Do I feel sorry for Daphne? Nope, she had a nice guy and cheated on him and picked the jerk over him. Daphne this is what happens when you pick the jerk. And if she actually gets romantically involved with Nacho Cheese the gang-banger threatening Regina, she needs to step away from the dating pool for awhile. Her choices in men just keep getting worse.

Speaking of Regina, she's trying to play it cool and act like everything is fine, even when she starts getting strange phone calls. She even admonishes Wes for carrying around a gun. But when she's leaving her shop at night and sees a strange man sitting in the car, seemingly waiting for her to come out, to do who knows what to her, she changes her tune. She goes to Wes and asks how she can get a gun and ask Wes to give her shooting lessons. Does anyone think this is going to be a recipe for disaster? A panicky Regina with a gun thinks she hears an intruder and shoots the wrong person?

Finally, the Matthew bullying story was wrapped up but not in the way anyone would have thought. It turns out the photo Matthew is bullying Emmett over is a selfie he took of himself and sent to "Mandy". He claims it isn't a pic of his junk, but he still doesn't want anyone, including Bay to see it. So she has the idea to break into Matthew's locker and steal his laptop and phone to wipe it off them so they can report Matthew to the principal. Only when searching Matthew's laptop Bay stumbles upon a love letter Matthew wrote to Emmett, It seems that Matthew is gay and he fell for Emmett for real while catfishing him as Mandy. Emmett recalls he told Matthew he hated him before Matthew sprung his trap on him.

Bay goes to Natalie for advice on how to handle the Matthew situation. Since she's a pretty big bully herself, of course she's pro-bully and suggests Matthew should be treated gently because he hasn't come out as gay. So Bay suggests that Emmett confront Matthew and tell him he's not going to report him, and Emmett goes along with it.

Gay or not, a bully is still a bully, and I'm really not happy the way this story was resolved. He tried to frame the hearing kids for vandalizing the cars to try and get them thrown out. Then when Emmett ratted him out he started catfishing Emmett to pay him back. I remember what he did. He beat Emmett up and then kept bullying him at school. Yet, because he's gay let's just let the vile little bully off the hook. I'm sorry, this kid has a lot more problems than being gay. He's a violent criminal in the making.

Anyway, the twist this whole story has reminded me of when Kurt was being bullied on Glee and the bully was secretly in love with him because he was gay. Glee actually did the story a lot better than it was done here.

I guess my biggest problem with the story is what about Melody. She's going to have a permanent black mark on her record cause this punk went to the principal and got her suspended. But it's okay cause he's gay. Only not.

The other story of the evening was the reporter, Sara Lazar, who beat Kathryn to the punch writing the switched book was threatening to sue to stop Kathryn from publishing her tabloid tell-all. Seems Kathryn put Sara in her book and did a real hatchet job on her. Only Kathryn's publisher won't let her change the character in the book to a more fairer version of the woman.


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