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Switched At Birth -- Be The Ball

Updated on October 2, 2012

Daphne and Bay seemed to be determined to ignore the pearls of wisdom from their parents and to go down a path their parents didn’t want them to go down.

Daphne still had her mind set on Chef Jeff and felt he was sending her mixed signals. When Emmett gets a look at Chef he recognizes him as the dude that came slinking out of his mother’s house after having a booty call with her. He’s torn about what he should do and goes to Bay for advice. Since she thinks Daphne just has a crush, she tells Emmett he should keep quiet about what he knows.

Meanwhile, Bay is still hanging around with Medusa. Medusa was one hissed off snake when she sees a street artist named SMAK wrote his name over her art work. She and Bay decide to team up to set a trap for this guy and find out who he is.

When Bay comes home she discovers John and Kathryn went through her things. They must have watched Caddyshack recently, because they basically tell her to be the ball. Only their version is to be the Bay they raised her to be. That doesn’t work out the way they hoped as Bay tells them she’s been doing street art for two years, it’s who she is and she doesn’t intend to stop doing it.

Bay has as much luck trying to dissuade Daphne from pursuing a relationship with Chef as John and Kathryn did getting Bay to give up her street art. When Bay realizes this isn’t just a crush for Daphne, she tells her what Emmett told her about Chef and Melody. This gets Emmett in mucho trouble with Daphne for telling Bay and not her.

Further complicating matters is Travis, that rude crude deaf dude that tried to cause trouble between Daphne and Wilkie is crushing on her. Daphne gives him false hopes he has a chance with her when she uses him to try and make Chef jealous.

John begins to worry about Travis when he wants to spend lots of time at work to avoid going home. Melody tells John that Travis’ home life isn’t that great. When Daphne stands up Travis to go chasing after Chef, John asks Travis to go to the batting cage with him and Travis accepts.

When Chef’s restaurant caters the Carlton open house he discovers that Daphne is a high schooler. He didn’t know she was that young. However, it doesn’t stop him from kissing her when she follows him back to the restaurant and tells him she wants this.

Kathryn takes the week off trying to fix Toby’s life and concentrates on Daphne’s parents. She gets Angelo a job out of town and keeps pushing Regina to see a doctor she knows about her wrist, until Regina blows her top at Kathryn, She apologizes later. Kathryn also volunteers to help with the open house at Carlton to try and get more people to attend. However, when she runs into Emmett, she can’t get away from him fast enough.

That doesn’t mean Toby’s off the hook. John picked up where Kathryn left off. He’s playing Toby’s music at the car wash and even asks him to go out with him, which Toby turns down. Bay learns about Nicky, the church girl Toby met, and encourages him to give her a chance. He asks her out and she accepts.

You kind of have to feel sorry for Melody. Daphne knows about her and Chef, but she has no clue about Daphne and Chef. It’s not going to be pretty when she finds out.


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