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Switched At Birth -- Best-Laid Plans

Updated on July 16, 2013

Regina's old insecurities about Angelo come out to play

John may have gotten a new attitude because of his bad dream about what life would have been like if he had taken both girls from Regina, but he doesn't want to embrace the new lifestyle he needs to adopt because of the heart attack he had. He bulldozes over Kathryn gently trying to suggest he slow down, but since Daphne is the child most like him, she sticks to him like glue trying to get him to change his ways.

John is covering up the fact he had a heart attack and claiming he was in the hospital with a stomach bug. He even agrees to play in a softball game his sleazy boss Chip wants him to play in. Things come to a head when John catches Barista Boy trying to teach Daphne CPR so she can save his life if needed and she reveals she told BB that John had a heart attack. Then Daphne demands to know if John doesn't care about them all to change so he doesn't die and leave them all alone.

That doesn't make much an impression on John, but when Kathryn follows that up with gently urging him to accept the new way his life has to be and how she doesn't want him to leave her, he agrees to change. He even lets Daphne cook him healthy food, as Kathryn drafts a press release revealing he had a heart attack.

Bay decides she's going turn in her V card to Ty. She goes to Daphne for some advice, and Daphne tells about her first time that happened on the floor and with a boy who didn't know what to do anymore than she did. It was a nice cute sister scene. It's interesting that Bay and Daphne are the same age, but Daphne always comes off as the older sister to Bay's younger sister. When Ty invites Bay to the base for the afternoon things don't go well when she meets a woman named Aida and learned Ty had an affair with her.

Ty reminds Bay that they weren't dating and that it happened after she called him and told him about Emmett. In turn, Bay reveals she's a virgin then calls Regina to bring her home. Regina doesn't admit she's talking about Angelo, but tells Bay she knows how she feels about being insecure and wondering why this guy is with her. Bay was wondering after Ty was with someone like Aida who helped save lives why he'd want her.

Ty comes and finds Bay and they make-up and do a do over. He brings her back to his room at the base and the episode fades to black as it appears that Bay finally loses her virginity.

Regina's boss tells her she's going to keep her on the job, but that most of Regina's salary will come from commissions and asks Angelo if he can take her to the country club to help make some contacts. Instead, Angelo shows up at Regina's job and poses as a potential client. Only problem is Regina's boss becomes smitten with Angelo. This leads Regina to admit her insecurities to Angelo and he assures her she's been the one he wanted. Regina, however, puts the breaks on until she's more fully recovered with her sobriety. Later, Regina tells her boss that Angelo is married, neglecting to mention that she's Angelo's wife.

Toby is shocked when he learns that Travis wanted to be manager and feels bad that he took the job from him. He tells Travis had he known he would have never gone to his father and asked for the job. Toby then takes matters into his own hands to rectify the situation. He calls the school he got accepted at and asks if he can still get in. They tell him no, but he asks to be put on the waiting list. Then Toby approaches John about Travis being manager, but John says the right person was given the manager's position. Toby doesn't get a chance to tell John he's trying to get into school and if he does he'll be leaving the position of manager at the car wash.

Finally, Angelo gets word that the detective he hired has located his daughter. How will that affect his and Regina's blossoming relationship. And Daphne makes it clear to Barista Boy that she's interested in him. Too bad as a character he's just not interesting. Of all of Daphne's boyfriends, this guy is the least interesting and just quite simply blows chunks. Come on, bring Noah back, who was the boyfriend with the most potential since Wilke left the building.

I'm not sure how I feel about Angelo going after his baby. Yeah, I know he didn't want the baby given up for adoption, but if the baby has a good home is it fair to take it away from that home? Just what kind of home can Angelo give the baby? Would Angelo even know what to do with a baby? I get the feeling he's depending heavily on Regina helping him, but what if Regina moves back to the Kennish's? Who will take care of the baby then? It also seemed to appear that Angelo was burning through the settlement like water and he could find himself in some financial trouble in the future. How will he pay for child care and all the expenses that go with a baby? I also got a bad feeling something is going to go wrong with this business partnership he's landed himself in with the woman from the country club. It might be better if he didn't disrupt the baby's life and left her where she is.

I also wonder if Toby decides to give up the manager's job so Travis can have it, how that will sit with Nikki? We haven't really seen her since she stormed off when Toby and his band played at Maui Kansas. If Toby goes to college instead and gives up the job just how is he going to support Nikki? In a possibly related issue, Simone is supposed to return next week. Will she pose a further problem to Toby's relationship with Nikki? Is all this leading up to Toby and Nikki saying I don't instead of I do?


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