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Switched At Birth -- Betrayed

Updated on February 23, 2012

Quite a few people were feeling betrayed by the episodes end; even though most of the betrayals had good intentions behind them.

Kathryn has become friends with the switched at birth nurse who has gotten fired because the hospital has learned she's going to testify for John and Kathryn. The world has also been put out so no one will hire her. When she threatens to not testify if she can't find a job, Kathryn wants to give her money, which her lawyer advises her not to, since it won't look good. However, Kathryn sells her car and buys a cheaper one. The extra money she has from the sale of her car she gives to the nurse. When John finds out he feels betrayed because of what Kathryn did.

Regina is feeling betrayed because Patrick used the switched at birth story to sell her artwork. She ultimately forgives him, but there's a few hairy moments between Regina and her potential new boyfriend. I really like the story of Regina and her getting a second chance at a career in art after having to give it up. Regina's like a whole different character.

Wilke and Buckner's basketball coach are both feeling betrayed when Daphne and Wilke are asked to show investors around Buckner and Daphne uses the event to try and help out her old school, Carleton, that's going to have to cut its basketball program, because they don't have the money. Wilke's father is on Buckner's board and he was hoping to do a good job and Daphne just sabotaged the whole thing, so Wilke is left feeling betrayed. When Coach tells Daphne she needs to choose what school she's loyal to, Daphne quits Buckner's team and goes back to Carleton. Which overjoys John.

The big betrayal story is Bay and Emmett. Bay is becoming really concerned about Emmett's living conditions and well she might. Emmett is missing a lot of school. When he's having a hard time practicing speech therapy, his father's girlfriend, Olivia, suggests he drink alcohol to help him. The topper though is when Emmett tells Bay he wants to quit school and that he doesn't need school to be a photographer.

Bay goes to her former arch-enemy Melody and tells her. Melody promises not to let Emmett know that Bay ratted him out, however, when she's at Regina's gallery showing and smells alcohol on Emmett's breath she totally flips out and gets into a sign language fight with her ex and his girlfriend. The upshot is Melody demands that Emmett come and live with her.

The upshot is Melody and Bay actually make a meeting of the minds. Unfortunately, Emmett wants nothing to do with Bay, because he figured out she went to his mother behind his back.

While Regina and Patrick got over their differences, none of the others have, and that's how we leave things. Wilke feels betrayed by Daphne. Emmett feels betrayed by Bay. And John feels betrayed by Kathryn.

I think the really great thing about this show is it deals with the relationships of all these people who might not have interacted with each other if Daphne and Bay hadn't been switched at birth.


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