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Switched At Birth -- Blackmail, A Road Trip And Simone

Updated on July 25, 2013

Melody's nice personality comes out to play

This episode was a little odd, Probably because the promo for this week featured scenes that would mostly take place next week. When I saw Bay and Ty getting along so well, I kept wondering when Ty would turn from Dr. Jeckyll and turn into Mr. Hyde over jealousy over Emmett.

Another weird moment was seeing Regina and Melody on friendly terms. Since when? Last time we left these two Melody accused Regina of faking her wrist injury so she wouldn't have to use sign language anymore. And Melody was nowhere around when Regina fell off the wagon. We haven't even see Melody get in contact with Regina since she came back. I guess maybe Melody needed someone to take her picture, called Regina up and said, "My bad that I said you were faking for sympathy, can you drop by and take my picture?" Whatever the case the Melody/Regina friendship is one of the worst on the show. Regina must be the most forgiving friend on the planet to let pass the way she's treated both Bay and herself and still want to be friends with this obnoxious chick.

Emmett was laying around most of the episode throwing a giant pity party for himself refusing to see his daddy who he made promise not to have a cochlear implant when Travis saw that Melody had put herself on an online dating sight and they decided to book her a date. Apparently the date didn't go well.

Actually, Melody was kind of an alternate reality Melody as she went to her ex and encouraged him to get the cochlear implant and Emmett could basically get bent if he didn't like it. She said Emmett would just have to get over it Meanwhile she discouraged Regina from agreeing to become baby mama to Angelo's baby if he got her back, saying the baby wasn't hers and she shouldn't have to raise it.

Apparently, Ty doesn't morph into Jealous Boyfriend until next week as he and Bay were getting on well and Bay couldn't wait to have more sex with him. They went on a road trip to meet up with Angelo's baby, who was being raised by a same sex couple. .Angelo had a fit when Bay questioned if it would be emotionally upsetting for Baby Abby to be taken away from the people who have raised her for months.

I do have to wonder if they made the adoptive parents a same sex couple so Angelo will have an easy time taking the baby from them. I'm against Angelo getting the baby because I don't think he's emotionally equipped to raise a child. Look at how the child came into existence? He had unprotected sex with a stranger. He's lucky he got a child from that encounter instead of an STD. In this day and age that's just irresponsible. And this is someone who wants to rip a child from the home it has to provide what kind of home for her? A better home than what she has? Sometimes Angelo just seems like someone who wants the baby because she's his and doesn't seem to have any plan for if he should actually get her.

Simone was back and wanting to make amends. She revealed to Toby that Regina was her AA sponsor. Nikki was a bit concerned when she found a text message from Simone agreeing to meet Toby that night. She showed up and discovered Toby singing and he revealed that Simone arranged it for him. Then she revealed the police had caught the man responsible for killing her father.

The final story of the evening was Daphne and Coffee Boy blackmailing John's boss. Coffee Boy still wanted to expose sleazy Chip by exposing his sleazy affair with his intern in his political blog, but Daphne convinced him not to by telling him about her relationship with Chef Jeff. Needless to say, Coffee Boy seemed a little judgmental about the whole thing. When the intern claimed she'd been mistaken about being pregnant, the terrible twosome decided Chip must have pressured her into getting an abortion. So they decided to blackmail him by using an anonymous phone identity. In short, they played A to Chip as a Pretty Little Liar.

When they told Chip they knew, they demanded he pass the bill that Daphne wanted passed, and the teens celebrated their victory. I didn't think blackmailing someone was anything to celebrate. It's actually very scary that there's a man in power that will cave to blackmail to stop the world from knowing he's a cheating sleaze. That's someone that needs to be booted out of office. Being a sleazy big in your private life is one thing, but when you start letting people blackmail you into passing bills to keep it quiet, that's when you need to be booted out of office.

Do these two teen twits think what if the wrong person gets their hands on dirt against Chip and they blackmail him into passing bills that a detrimental. But all they're thinking is they got him to pass a bill that Daphne thought should be passed.

I truly hope Coffee Boy is only a character on this season of the show and he quickly vanishes in the new season. He's just nasty and toxic and needs to go. So does John's boss Chip. Hopefully John finds out that Dear Daphne has dappled in blackmail and comes forward and gets Chip out of office. Once someone caves to a blackmailer he'll do it again and this guy can't be trusted to remain in power.


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