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Switched At Birth -- Coming To A Head

Updated on October 23, 2012

Season One Finale

All the various plots that have been simmering this fall season finally came to a boil. As many things came to an end, there was also the promise of some new beginnings.

The owner of the restaurant questioned Daphne about Chef Jeff and if he was sexually harassing her. She lied there was nothing going on with them. However, the situation caused Chef Jeff to show what he was made of and it was jellyfish. Daphne even quit her job to try and preserve their relationship, but in the end Chef Jeff told her he's just not that into her. Angelo, trying to play over-protective daddy a little late in the day, went over and punched Chef Jeff in the face.

The whole situation with Chef Jeff strained Daphne's relationship with Regina, but seems to have helped Kathryn and Daphne to grow closer, as it was Kathryn who Daphne came to for comfort over the end of her relationship with Chef.

Bay found out living with Medusa wasn't all sunshine and roses when Smak and a band of thugs attacked the trailer park she lives in. Luckily, Toby showed up and they all managed to escape in the nic of time. When they arrived at John and Kathryn's, Bay was angered anew that John wouldn't allow Medusa to stay. She also became angry with Regina for seeing John's point of view. So she decided to head off in her car with Medusa, instead of coming to the courthouse to support Kathryn when she testified at the trial.

Things don't go well on the road when most of their money is stolen along with Bay's passport when she and Medusa stop to get something to eat. John and Emmett find them before they reach the border. Thanks to a chat he had with Emmett about Emmett's problems with his parents, John is able to repair his fractured relationship with Bay.

Bay's relationship with Medusa comes to an end when she takes off with the rest of the money. Meanwhile, Bay and Emmett almost share a kiss when she's touched he came with John to find her.

Kathryn got raked over the coals by the attorney for the hospital. He tried to make it seem she benefited from the switch. He also got her to say that if she could go back and have the switch never happen she wouldn't do it, because she wouldn't want to give up having been a mother to Bay. The jury makes it decision and sides with John, Kathryn and Angelo. However, while Angelo is awarded five million, John and Kathryn are only awarded one dollar for their pain and suffering. John says it was never about the money and he's fine with it. And Toby suggests to Regina that since she's married to Angelo half of that settlement should belong to her.

Finally, Bay and Daphne are sitting in the empty courthouse and realize they both went to the same restaurant before the switch was revealed and wonder if they were ever there at the same time. They also wonder if Angelo will stick around or if he'll take his money and run. That question gets set on the back burner when a very pregnant woman comes into the courtroom asking if they know Angelo. Seems Angelo may have had sex with this woman without using protection and he's about to became a daddy, once again.

The showrunner described the big baby mama reveal as some big thing everyone would be tweeting about on Twitter. For me it was a big meh moment. Now if it was John or Toby, yes, but Angelo knocking someone up doesn't seem that big of a deal or something that has any real consequences.

Regina and Angelo aren't together as a couple. So why is it a big deal that he's gotten another woman knocked up?


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