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Switched At Birth -- Cutting The Strings

Updated on January 28, 2014

And retying them

Kathryn has a hard time letting Toby go. Regina is accused of not being able to cut the strings. And Daphne fears her ties with John have been permanently severed.

Bay needs a recommendation from her art teacher to art school so she goes into major suck-up mode to get it. It was very repellent to watch. Her teacher says she might consider if she helped her move her art to her art show and Bay gets Tank to come with them. The teacher's art work is pretty ghoulish and none of the critics are impressed by it, but Bay is suck mode keeps telling her how great it is. The teacher tells Bay to never become an artist because one day you're the apple of their eye and the next you're the bottom of their shoe. This depresses Bay and she considers forgetting about going to art school until she talks to Regina why she didn't pursue her art career. Regina advises to not let someone else and what they say influence what you do. So her art teacher gives her the recommendation letter and she still intends to go to art school.

The Regina and Bay talk also helped Regina who was also having her own crisis of faith so to speak. Wes [I thought his name was West, they do sound alike in my defense] raked Regina over the coats and said she needed to cut the apron things when she said she couldn't move to another town to do up the building he was renovating because her daughters were in their last year of school. Later he came and apologized and brought her flowers and gave her assignment to do in town.

Toby announced to Kathryn he thought it was time he moved out and found a place of his own for when Nicky came home. Probably a good idea considering how she and John feel about his marriage. Kathryn offered to go apartment hunting with Toby and she found him a place close to her house that was out of his price range, so she offered to even pay the rent for him. She added as a bonus he'd be so close she could still do his laundry.

Wisely, Toby found a different apartment to rent, that was further away from home. It was also cheaper so he could afford it without mommy and daddy paying the rent. Kathryn had a cow and vowed to speak to his father about this when Toby tried to explain he wanted to be an adult and this would give him true independence opposed to the fake independence she wanted for him. When Kathryn went to John he kind of gave her a reality check and told her she's acting just like her own mother and she doesn't want to be that kind of a mother.

Emmett revealed to Travis he knew who was slashing the tires. He said it was Matthew but I could have sworn Natalie was wearing the jacket at the end, although I wasn't paying that much attention. Besides, it's just like something she'd do. Anyway, Travis is all Team Matthew and telling Emmett not to be a rat and reveal what he's doing. I hate to say this but the Carlton kids are living up to the old saying deaf and dumb. After what happened last season they still don't get it. Carlton does not have the funds to operate without these students. They're probably getting funds for taking in the outcasts no other school wants. And if those kids go, so goes the funds and all you deaf students will find yourself put in hearing schools. It's either learn to get on with these new kids or say goodbye to your school.

Because of Matthew all the new kids lockers are searched and Sharee is accused of the crimes because they find a knife in her locker. It's a box cutting knife she uses for her job. Daphne gives Sharee an alibi for when someone's window was broken, but the principal stills expels Sharee cause of the knife. Sharee tells the principal and Daphne what she thinks of the school and says if she was a deaf kid they wouldn't be going so hard on her. Then she and Daphne get into a shoving match outside the principal's office when Sharee rightfully accuses Daphne of only wanting to help her so she can play on the field hockey team and Daphne can impress John.

Emmett finally tells Daphne the truth and she says that Sharee is right in her opinion about Carlton. She urges Emmett to do the right thing and rat out William for what he's doing. And William is the one who is expelled and he's not too happy with Emmett. He still doesn't get it that nothing he does is going to change the way things are and could in fact make things worse.

The field hockey's first game has to be forfeited. First, Bay dumps the team to go play brown noser to her her art teacher. Then with Sharee expelled she can't play. So there's not enough members to play. Of course, John begins ragging on Daphne because the team forfeited and she lets it all go what she's been fearing. She says she no longer cares if he throws her out and she was only doing the field hockey so he'd like her again.

This serves as a wake-up call for John and he tells Daphne she'll always belong there and he'll never throw her out. He also explains sometimes he tries to fit all the fathering in with her that he missed and has left. He then gets her to teach him how to play field hockey and the two get their relationship back on track.


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