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Switched At Birth -- Daphne Acts Out

Updated on July 28, 2014

John sticks to the wrong daughter

Some time has passed after Angelo's funeral and John and Kathryn are trying to play the cheer-up police with Bay and Daphne. When Bay's maternal granny asks her to go and inform Angelo's cousin that he's passed away, John sees it as an opportunity to make it a fun road trip for the girls. While Bay meets her cousin, Daphne will tour a possible college she'll go to. Unfortunately, John sticks to Bay like glue, when Daphne is the one he needs to keep a close eye on as she spins out of control.

Pinched-face Daphne is still hating on Regina and blaming her for Angelo's death. She's completely disregarding the fact that Regina had a far deeper relationship than her one day insta-bonding session with Angelo and that the love of her life has just died. She also doesn't seem to get her spoiled brat nastiness could push Regina back to the bottle. I think calling her pinched-face is the perfect description of her spoiled brat look she gets when she purses her lips and clenches her face up. The only thing missing is her stomping her feet.

When she announces to Bay how it's all Regina's fault that Angelo is dead, she doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for. Instead of Bay hating on Regina, too, she takes the rational approach and that anything could have triggered the aneurysm. It's something this annoying twit is incapable of doing. The fact is Angelo was already under a lot of stress from losing all his money and having his dream restaurant foreclosed. Without or without the vicious argument he and Regina had, the same thing could have happened.

When John leaves her to tour the college campus and she spends time with a med student she suggest they smoke pot. But when he goes to the student pot connection he says all he has is cocaine and Daphne is all, "Hey, let's do coke." They smoke some crack and then Daphne gets all whiny about being good doesn't pay off. The message being she's not going to be good anymore. I hate to break it to you, Daphne but it's been a long time since your behavior could be described as good. Blackmailing politicians and cheating on your boyfriend is not good.

Bay insists on meeting her new relative alone, but it isn't a happy meeting. Sebastian isn't the least bit upset about Angelo's passing. Sebastian is an artist so Bay wonders if she got her artistic talent from Angelo instead of assuming she got in from Regina. While there she breaks an art piece Sebastian claims is one of a kind and she asks John to give her the money to pay for it. But John discovers Sebastian was trying to con Bay out of money and it was just one of several of the same identical pieces he's done.

Bay insists that John let her deal with her crooked relative by herself. During their confrontation when Bay reveals how Angelo died, Sebastian rocks her world and reveals that Angelo's sister died of the same thing when she was 18. So now Bay is worried it's hereditary and that she may also have an aneurysm that could kill her. But she keeps that news to herself.

One of Sophia's adopted Dads comes to visit Regina with Sophia, but Regina says she's not up to it and Kathryn offers to entertain her. It seems he's broken up with Sophia's other adoptive dad. So Kathryn has the bright idea to try to pair him up with Renzo. It's a very uncomfortable dinner she arranges for the two men. Renzo seems interested but it doesn't look like the feeling is mutual. Kathryn tries to suggest to the man he stay in town because they're his family because Sophia was Angelo's daughter and Angelo was family.

It's a happy moment for Bay when she comes home to find Sophia. While bonding with Sebastian was a flop, she has a better time with her little sister.

Toby meets his neighbor, who is a teacher at Carlton, when he's disturbing her peace with his music. He invites her to his first gig. The woman has potential new love interest flashing all over her in pink neon. Tank and Emmett also show up for Toby's gig.

Seems Emmett is all right with sleeping with Tank's girlfriend but he doesn't have the guts to face the guy he cheated on. When Tank assumes he's Travis he goes along with it, so Tank won't beat his cowardly little face in. He even starts sympathizing with "Travis" when he spots the real Travis kissing Mary Beth and assumes she's cheating on "Travis" the same way Bay cheated on him. Unfortunately, when Tank buys Emmett a drink the teacher comes up and outs Emmett's true identity. Let's just say Tank isn't amused by Emmett's cowardly little charade.

Tank ends up sleeping it off on Toby's couch. Through a strange set of circumstances Toby asks Tank if he wants to be his roommate and Tank agrees. I'm sure Bay will be thrilled that her brother's new roommate is the guy she cheated on. Toby is really batting a thousand. First he wants to sponge off the government with a fraudulent unemployment claim and now he's going to live with Bay's ex because he can't afford to pay his rent.

Seriously at this point I kind of wish that the show had killed off Daphne instead of Angelo. She's just become such an annoying little twit. And her whole tailspin because of Angelo just isn't believable, just like her supposedly wanting to become a doctor. She didn't have some deep connection with Angelo. They bonded over a cooking session. Most of the time that Angelo was around she was giving him the pinched-face Daphne routine. Bottom line, this character has just gotten old and pretty unlikable.

Unfortunately, she's going nowhere and from the previews it looks like we'll subjected to more of Daphne acting out. I can hardly contain the joy.


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    • profile image

      Anne Østergård 3 years ago

      Angelo and Lana's daughter is not named Sophia, it's Abby.