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Switched At Birth -- Daphne & Bay Don't Believe In Breaking Up With Their Current BF...

Updated on March 27, 2014

Before hooking up with their next one

Much like the season itself, the show kind of ended this season on a sour note with only two characters: Regina and Toby, still being likable. Although we could really see how much Daphne and Kathryn are alike and how Bay isn't any better than Daphne in the men department.

Toby was still reeling from Nikki's announcement that unless he became a camp follower following her around their marriage was over. I was surprised little Miss Honk If You Love Jesus was throwing her marriage away so easily without even putting up a fight to save it. It was either her way or it was over. What about all the pre-marriage counseling she insisted Toby go to. Guess she wasn't listening or didn't think it mattered if it interfered with something she wanted more.

Anyway, Toby decided to cave to princess and follow her around like a puppy and booked a flight to Peru. That was until Kathryn had a chat to him about how Toby shouldn't be a camp follower. She did that with John and resented him for it. Seriously, Kathryn, no one forced you to be a baseball wife and it's not really the same thing. But Toby thinks it is and agrees not to go following Nikki so he can live his own life. Unfortunately, the $2,000 ticket to Peru is non-refundable so Toby takes the airliner's offer of a ticket to Iceland instead and goes off on an adventure.

Kathryn's whining wasn't left at whining about following John around, she was also whining most of the episode about someone releasing the first chapter of her trash novel. I was surprised she didn't accuse John of it, but she did accuse Renzo and he read her the riot act. He told her she was a lousy friend and he has more important stuff going on in his life that her silly book. He later forgave her, then she found out her publisher released it to get publicity. Well, at least all the baseball wives who thought Kathryn was their friend will know she's stabbing them all in the back to get more media attention and to go on more talk shows.

Daphne showed she was Kathryn's daughter as she spent most of the episode whining about the fact that one of the guy's who jacked her food van came to the clinic for treatment and complained to anyone who would listen. Since the guy didn't do anything to her or even recognize her, no one was willing to cater to little Daphne's demands. So she went to her probation officer wanting a different community service to do cause she just can't tolerate being in the same building as that guy, and he also tells her no. She has a week to go, so just tough it out. And when Jorge suggests she should rethink being a doctor because she said she wouldn't treat him if he came to her sick, she accused him of saying that to get back at her for dumping him.

Well, she didn't actually dump Jorge. She had her tongue down Campbell's throat in one of the examining rooms and Jorge walked in and got the picture. She gave a weak, "I just didn't know how to tell you." And that's how she and Bay are just alike.

Anyway, this being Daphne everything worked out just fine for her. The guy, Adam, came back suffering from heroin withdrawal and she helped him and Jorge told her what a good doctor she'll make. Seriously, I don't see how a deaf person can be a doctor. They can't listen to a patient's heartbeat. They can't be a surgeon. And a patient could die when they have their back turned cause they won't be able to hear their signs of distress. There's a lot of things a deaf person can do, but I really don't think being a doctor is one of them.

Emmett didn't take it well when Bay told him his new girlfriend, who he's never met, was using someone else's picture and passing it off as her own. Then Bay got a hold of the girl's photo and Tank helped her figure out who she was. She's a cheerleader at a local school and when the girl is confronted she has never her of an Emmett, but mentions she has a deaf relative. Turns out that relative is the dead creep Emmett ratted out at Carlton for vandalizing cars and trying to blame the new kids for. The stupid principal allowed this loser back into school and he claimed he had no hard feelings against Emmett, but it turns out he's been catfishing Emmett to get back at him.

When Emmett arrives at the awaiting picnic in the park he finds a catfish in the picnic basket and Dumbo takes his picture, braying about how he made a fool out of him and how he's going to post the picture online. Then Emmett tries to beat Dumbo up, but Emmett can't fight worth a darn, and ends up on the ground while Dumbo kicks him and takes another picture to post. Apparently, Dumbo forgets who Emmett's mother is. Does this loser think he won't get kicked permanently out of Carlton for this? Then he can go to a hearing school and be picked on and bullied. So laugh, clown, laugh, cause you'll get yours in the end, stupid.

Anyway, Bay finds Emmett and declares her love and quickly strips off her clothes so she can screw Emmett. Meanwhile, after enduring another session of Bay's whining about him being in a fraternity, Tank gives it up for Bay. Not only has our little user Bay cheated on Tank she caused him to give up his dreams for her. Well done cheater.

As for Regina, she's got her own whiner pecking away at her. Her mother doesn't like that Regina is becoming too uptown and she gives Regina some more bad advice that Regina follows which gets her fired and having to repay the $50,000 that she doesn't have. Angelo snaps at Regina to don't expect him to give it to her and she should have sucked it up with Wes. Regina really needs to dump his butt and divorce him and just let his ungrateful butt be deported back to Italy where she won't have to put up with anymore of his garbage. To top it off, The people Audriana is triumphing throw a brick through Regina's window. Wonder what the old gasbag will have to say about that?

Seriously, the show should have kept Tank and Bay as friends, now this whole Bay/Emmett reunion has just a completely sleazy feel to it. It also didn't help the idiots at ABC Family flashed that stupid hashtag #BemmettForever before anything even happened between the two on screen. The network really needs to stop with these stupid hashtags. They annoy most people and I doubt many people use them so the show can make the trending list.

I used to be on Twitter but I haven't been on for almost a year. I just got disgusted by the fake trending a few twidiots got together to trend stuff cause they have nothing better to do with their time. Ditto for the same twidiots getting their jollies trending celebrity deaths for people that are alive. Even TV Guide is trying to force you to tweet on Twitter and won't let you comment to their stories on their site. To that I say, "You want me to tweet something? Tweet my middle finger."


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