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Switched At Birth -- Daphne Dumps Travis

Updated on February 21, 2013

Original Airing: February 18, 2013

Daphne pretty much proved she’d only been dating Travis because Emmett gave her a hard time about not dating deaf guys. Once he gave her permission to not date Travis, she couldn’t wait to dump him. And things got worse on the Daphne/Travis front when Daphne identified that man who attacked her, but Travis lied that he didn’t recognize him, because he wanted to beat him up. Daphne managed to stop him once and then got John to talk some sense into Travis, so he went to the police and admitted he recognized him, but he’s mad because Daphne dumped him and his life sucks.

Kathryn got Daphne to audition for her play and she and Noah actually ended up spending some quality time with each other. Daphne still doesn’t know about his medical problem. Like Travis wasn’t a good fit for Daphne, Bay may find Noah isn’t a good fit for her. They’re in the kissy-kissy stage, but he doesn’t get her art the way Emmett does. When Emmett learned about Bay and Noah, he kissed Bay asking if she’s really ready to let them go and she seemed affected by the kiss. But she also told Daphne that being with Noah is easy, while being with Emmett isn’t.

John asked Bay to design a campaign poster for him, but she backs out when she hears his campaign manager, Ivan, say John can’t win. When John confronts her for not finishing her poster, she tells him what Ivan said, and John says win or lose he wants to do it with her poster.

Toby meets a fellow campaign worker named, Elisa. It isn’t long before they’re sharing a hot tub. When she started trashing Patricia Sawyer, I wondered if she was either a plant to spy on John’s campaign or Sawyer’s daughter. I thought when she took off her top in the hot tub someone would photography them to make John look bad. As it turns out she’s Sawyer’s daughter. Maybe Nicky was right to dump Toby, because he didn’t seem all that upset about it while he was almost having a quickie in the hot tub.

Regina finally got a job, but when she got toasted the night before she was supposed to start, she overslept and arrived late. After losing the job, she went to the bar to hang out, where she asked if there were any jobs available. When she came home she blew Bay off as she tried not to stumble up the stairs.

I wonder if when Regina’s alcohol problem becomes evident if it’ll lead to a Regina and Angelo reunion. And what problems it’ll cause between the parents.

Let me guess when Melody finds out she’ll accuse Regina of doing it so she’ll be too snockered to be able to read sign language. If the woman wasn’t such a cow maybe Regina could have turned to her over her problems instead of a bottle. Yeah, I’m still ticked off over what she said to Regina. Here’s Regina feeling horrible because she can’t sign to Daphne or she could end up not being able to use her hands at all, and her supposed good friend spits on her and makes her feel even worse. The Melody character remains the worst character on this show.


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