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Switched At Birth -- Daphne Has A Bad Day

Updated on June 25, 2013

Bay thinks Nikki is Yoko Ono

Daphne just wasn't having a good day. She disagreed with John on his stand on sex education. He was favoring abstinence over teaching safe sex. This was an issue close to Nikki's heart as she believes in abstinence. Daphne felt John wasn't listening and considering what she had to say about the issue. She also still had her noise out of joint because Bay was living with Daphne. When Regina said she would return home if she got a job, she tried to get her ex-employer to rehire Regina, but the lady said no. Regina was furious when she found out what Daphne did, and it ended up with Daphne hearing the words she had fired at Regina, which lead her to move out. It's easier when you're not around.

But Daphne still had Barista Boy, who got her into something called geocaching which involved being given a map and having to use your phones GPS to locate an object. When Daphne let spew her frustration over Bay living with Regina when she couldn't find the hidden object, Barista Boy was there to kiss her and make it all better. Afterwards, Daphne even apologized to Bay for not speaking up for her at Carlton and they finally make up.

Meanwhile Bay is concerned about Toby giving up his music and selling his musical equipment. She blames Nikki for it. When she speaks to Emmett he tells her she's got to do something about this. So she gets the band booked at Maui Kansas. However, Nikki walks out when the band is playing over the time she agreed to, and is going to cause them to miss another marriage counseling session. She heads off for the counseling session while Toby stays behind and continues to play.

I have to say I don't really buy Toby and Nikki. He broke up with her because he couldn't say I love you and had a problem with her faith. Then he's in a hot tub with Patricia Sawyer's daughter. Next, he hears Nikki is planning to leave the country and he suddenly says he loves her and pops the question to stop her from leaving. Now he's selling his musical equipment and not seeking out gigs for the band to do. It's all just seems weird.

The problem is we don't really know what makes Toby tick and he's been pretty much all over the map lately. We don't really know what Toby really wants out of life. Maybe that's because even Toby doesn't know. I hate to agree with Granny Bonnie, but Toby does seem to be glomming on to Nikki for some reason. The question is why. It kind of seems to go back to the period when he was messing around with Patricia Sawyer's daughter.

Who would have thought that Angelo was Felix Unger and Bay and Regina were Oscar Madison. He had a fit because Bay and Regina were leaving messy dishes and not washing them. They couldn't even put water in the pan to soak it so the food wouldn't dry on. Angelo had a meltdown when he saw a roach. Later he kind of explained why he was so upset. This was their chance to live the life they might have had if not for the switch and it wasn't the perfect life he'd envisioned. Regina explained to Angelo this is the life they would have lead and that basically no life is going to be perfect.

Regina also talked to the woman she worked for before getting canned for being drunk and she agreed to give Regina a second chance. Now that Regina has a job, will she give into Daphne and moved back and stop living with Bay? Or will she find another reason not to return. And will Bay also move back, or will she continue to live with Angelo on her own?

Another person missing Regina is Audriana, but feeling the way she does about Angelo, she can't move in there, too. So Audriana starts glomming on to Kathryn, instead. She tries to teach Kathryn about extreme couponing, but Kathryn is rich and has probably never used a coupon in her life. Then she starts putting Kathryn's groceries away and wants to line her shelves. Kathryn finally explodes and declares she needs her space. She later apologizes to Audriana and they bond over a plant.

There was no sign of Travis after he got overlooked for Toby as manager. I have to say that so far Toby seems to know what he's doing, but is it really what he wants to do? He declared playing in the band was the first fun he's had for a long time. Shouldn't he feel he's having fun with Nikki? It really doesn't bode well that he sounds like he's not having no fun in this life he's chosen for himself.

I really have to say a word about Daphne and her boyfriends. I think Barista Boy is her seventh boyfriend since the show has started. There was: Liam, Emmett, Wilkie, Travis, Chef Jeff, Noah and now Barista Boy. Of all her men, Barista Boy is the worst. Noah had the most promise since Wilkie. Daphne never learned he was going deaf like she did. It could have been a touching love story. Daphne and Barista Boy just aren't interesting together.

On another front, isn't it a bit unrealistic that someone with a disability is like the most popular chick in school and has to beat the boys off with a stick? Whomever they want to pair Daphne with, they need to just stick with, cause the revolving door on her boyfriends is really getting to be too much.

Look at Bay. She's had two boyfriends during the whole show. Three if you count ex-boyfriend Liam, who we never saw together. Even Toby hasn't had that many girlfriends. He had Simone, Patricia Sawyer's daughter and Nikki.




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