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Switched At Birth -- Double Dipping

Updated on February 4, 2014

Angelo and Bay act like spoiled children

Bay and Angelo really showed they were father and daughter as both were behaving like spoiled brats this episode.

Bay spent a great portion of the episode whining. She whined about Ty sending her an email. She whined because Emmett was dating someone he met online. She whined when she tried to stick her tongue down Emmett's throat and he rejected her. Then while throwing a fit because he'd cheat on her but not his new girlfriend she broke his camera and ruined the picture he was trying to take. She also deleted Ty's email message without reading it. In short, someone really needed to smack her.

Then we had Angelo. Because his money grubbing partner Christy wanted more money, he expected Regina to give up her dreams of owning her own business and given him the last $50,000 he has left, since apparently Christy and her mother have sucked up all his money in this restaurant they're supposedly going to open. Angelo can't see he's in over his head with these two and hanging on to the belief that the restaurant will be a success. Yeah, but where is he going to get more money when the money grubber wants more?

Regina wasn't going to give up he dreams, so she went to Wes for the money. She had to agree to work for him exclusively. When Angelo found out where Regina got the money he told her to give it back. You wanted your $50,000, Regina got it without having to give up her dreams for you, so suck it up, Angelo.

Meanwhile Daphne found herself in the middle of a triangle. Since Campbell has a girlfriend, she accepted a date with Jorge the male nurse from the clinic. Things were going well until his sister, a hardcore Republican, had a fit that Daphne is the reason Coda had to resign from office. She doesn't care he was a crook, all she cares is that one of her people lost a seat of power.

As Daphne storms off Campbell texts her about playing basketball with him. While they're playing he tries to kiss Daphne and she has a fit because he has a girlfriend. He explains she was his girlfriend before the accident and stood by him but it's not the same but he can't dump her. Actually, he can and does and tells Daphne, only he may be a little too late, as Daphne and Jorge had just finished exchanging bodily fluids as they stuck their tongues down each others throats.

Since John was still miffed about Kathryn and her new bud, Renzo, who she was planning to go out of town with, so John got himself a new little friend, only his friend was dangerous and could have gotten him killed. John got himself a motorcycle and he was going around dressed in a leather biking suit. Needless to say Kathryn was not happy about it. John was even less happy with his new friend when he totaled it and had to call Travis to pick him up. Although I will give him kudos for telling Kathryn the truth.

He also told Kathryn he wasn't going to run for re-election and felt it was a mistake to have run in the first place. To that I say a hearty, "Thank God!" John's character has taken a real turn for the worse since they had him go into politics. I'm thrilled John will hopefully be returning to the car wash and hopefully re-embracing his more genial personality.

Toby wasn't on this week. Now that he's moved to his own place we won't probably be seeing much of him since aside from the field hockey story, he really doesn't have one. A lot of times Toby's only scenes were around the house acting as a sounding board for one of his sister's complaining about their love life or problems with their parents. While moving out was good for Toby's character, it may mean a lot less airtime for Toby on the show from now on. And I really like the character and missed him presence. I could have gone with having Toby on instead of Angelo. Angelo has really been icky this season. That's probably why I prefer Wes to him.

I thought the show was going to let Bay concentrate on her art instead of hopping from one boy to the next. It seems like no one can be mateless on this show without another hook-up quickly arranged. What made it worse with Bay is she was hoping maybe Ty's email would say he was sorry, then she acted like a jealous idiot because her back-up boy Emmett actually was involved with someone new and not just waiting for her to forgive him and take him back. Considering how heavy Bay's relationship with Ty was, the girl needs to be single for awhile to get over him and be ready emotionally for a new relationship. But she did the same thing when she got involved with Noah cause she didn't want to be single. If she manages to be just friends with Tank it'll be the first time she's been friends with a boy without it turning romantic.

Daphne's even worse. Every season she has a new boyfriend since Wilkie left the show. And now she's got two of them to choose from this season. It's too bad they deep-sixed Noah because he's been the best potential love interest for Daphne since Wilkie left.

And lately Regina's getting on the act of revolving boyfriends. She had the painter guy, the jazz guy and now Wes, while Angelo has been kind of her Emmett. While Regina's be kept busy with Wes, Angelo is hanging with his partner's daughter and I won't be surprised if he starts shagging her soon. It's kind of his MO.

Meanwhile the only stable couple on the show, John and Kathryn, are having issues. And from the promo for next week it appears John may start double dipping himself, as Nikki's mother pulls a Bay and shoves her tongue down John's throat.

All this relationship melodrama isn't really that interesting. I can't believe I'm saying it but I miss the Carlton storyline. It's actually become the best story this season.


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