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Switched At Birth -- Getting Ready For The Summer 2013 Season

Updated on June 9, 2013

A recap of where we left off

Monday the summer season for Switched At Birth will begin and we’ll pick up where we left off in March. Switched will be on Monday nights leading off the night and paired with The Fosters, which is a similar show which could be a better pairing than some of the other shows this show has been paired with in the past. So let’s take a look back and catch up to where we are now:

Angelo – after winning the settlement he treated everyone to presents; his gift to Daphne of a food truck would play a major part in her story. It was also revealed that the pregnant girl that came looking for Angelo, was named Lana and she was going to have his baby. When Bay found out she wanted nothing to do with Angelo and Angelo and Regina’s green card marriage hit the skids. Angelo eventually tried to convince Lana not to give his baby up for adoption, however when she talked to Bay, it seemed to be the impetus for Lana taking off with the baby. When Angelo asked Bay what she said to Lana, she said she didn’t say anything. And when Regina’s drinking got out of control, Angelo arranged for Regina to go to rehab.

Reginashe took several hits which seemed to lead her back to the bottle. She suffered permanent damage to her hand and got no support from BFF Melody who accused Regina of faking her injury so should wouldn’t have to sign anymore and to make people feel sorry for her. Regina felt cut-off from Daphne because she couldn’t sign to her anymore. She also no longer had the painting connection with Bay that she once shared as she could no longer paint, either. And that also went for how she earned a living, as she could no longer do hair. The final blow seemed to be Angelo getting another woman knocked up. Regina started hanging out at an old jazz club she and Angela used to hang out at and got involved with Zane, a man who was interested in her back in the days she was with Angelo. Zane was unaware that Regina was an alcoholic and to fit in, Regina began drinking again. Bay was the first to suspect, and Regina made a deal with her to stop drinking if Bay kept quiet. Only Regina didn’t stop drinking. She eventually passed out at Angelo’s and he arranged for her to go to rehab.

Kathryn – After getting her book published, Katherine was looking for the next big thing to do. She thought it would be run for the senate, only she was informed they wanted John, instead. Kathryn didn’t prove to be the perfect candidate’s wife as an interview she did made John look bad. Kathryn got involved with producing the school play at Carlton. As the season came to a close, John said it would have been better if Kathryn had run instead of him.

John – decided to run for senate when he was offered the chance. He also had a run-in with his father over helping Toby get into a university he wanted to go to and it was revealed John’s father never forgave him for becoming a pro ball player. At the end of the season John was elected to the senate.

Toby – ended up breaking with Nikki when he couldn’t say, “I love you.” He had a fling with Patricia Sawyer’s daughter and befriended Angelo’s pregnant girlfriend, Lana. By the end of the season he had gotten back together with Nikki and when he learned she was going to be leaving the country, he asked her to marry him.

Bay – deciding to stay away from boys, Bay cracked the books and was getting great grades. Only the school didn’t believe she was getting them honestly and accused her of cheating. After she managed to prove she deserved the grades she was getting she decided to go to Carlton, who was having a pilot program to raise money for their cash-strapped school, of having hearing kids go to Carlton. Once there, Bay faced bullying from the deaf kids that didn’t want hearing kids attending their school. Bay bonded with fellow hearing student, Noah, who revealed he was going deaf. They started dating, but they had nothing in common and he didn’t get her art the way Emmett did. When Emmett told her he saw Daphne and Noah kissing, it lead to Bay and Noah breaking up. That, and Daphne’s not showing any gratitude to Bay for helping her with her protest to keep Carlton open lead to some harsh words between the sisters.

Daphne – couldn’t let Chef Jeff go and was bordering on become a stalker when she finally got it through her head it was over. Daphne seemed to start dating Travis who had a crush on her because Emmett said she only dated hearing guys and wanted to prove Emmett wrong. When Emmett said she didn’t have to date Travis to prove a point, she quickly dumped him. Daphne took her food truck to her old neighborhood and got robbed, but kept it from John, who hadn’t wanted her going to that old neighborhood and thought it was dangerous. At Carlton, Daphne had to choose which side she was on: the deaf kids or the hearing kids. She picked the deaf kids and because of a speech she made the school decided to close down. Then she and the deaf kids decided to stage a sit-in to demand the school stay open and no hearing kids be allowed, completely ignoring the fact that if not for Bay she couldn’t have staged her sit-in. She also got her nose out of joint when reporters focused the sit-in on Bay and not the deaf kids. On the romantic front Daphne and Noah had more in common than Bay and Noah. When they practiced their kiss as Romeo and Juliet in the play they were in, there seemed to be a spark. However, when Bay accused Daphne of being after Noah, she said she wasn’t interested in him.

Hopes for the new season – That the hearing vs. deaf kids story is dropped, as the deaf kids came off as bigoted ungrateful bullies who didn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Never once in all their spoiled brat demands did they even take into consideration the financial problems Carlton was having, which is why they wanted to have more hearing kids enrolled. They didn’t try to come up with any solution for the financial problems that kicking all the hearing kids out would cause Carlton. They didn’t try to recruit more deaf kids to attend the school. All they did was expect that all their demands would be met because they’re deaf. Talk about elitism. Not to mention stupidity.

An absence of both Melody and Travis from the show. These two characters are the most ignorant bullies around. Melody is encouraging this ignorant bigot to become a teacher just like she did and he’ll only spread his hatred for hearing people to other deaf kids, which will only make their lives harder when they have to exist in a hearing world. Melody, herself, has no business being a teacher. Most of the bullying and bigotry the deaf kids exhibited against the hearing kids could be laid right at her doorstep. It’s one thing to try and build up their self-esteem, but filling their heads with garbage about them being the superior race is right out of the speech book for Adolph Hitler. Hitler filled the Nazi’s with that kind of stuff and they were intolerant of the Jewish race much as the deaf kids are intolerant of the hearing kids.

Melody is a pretty miserable human being. Regina was dealing with losing the way she made a living, losing her dreams of being an artist and her special closeness to Daphne. Instead of giving Regina the support she needed, she got treated to Melody’s anti-hearing bigotry. What kind of sick and twisted mind comes up with suggesting someone is faking their injury so they don’t have to do sign language and to gain sympathy?

We know from previews that Ty is back, which will further complicate Bay and Emmett getting back together. Whether or not Ty will become a regular, may depend on if The Lying Game is cancelled or not. I don’t believe there’s been official word, yet. Ty has the benefit of not cheating on Bay, as well as Melody not coming along with the package. Have we seen the last of Noah, or will Noah end up being Daphne’s new love interest, especially when she learns that he’s losing his hearing just like she did as a child? And will Toby really go through with marrying Nikki and if he does will it be the biggest mistake of is life? Finally, will the show pick up where it left off, or will several months have passed since we last checked in?


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