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Switched At Birth -- Growing Pains

Updated on September 20, 2012

Daphne, Kathryn, Bay, John and Angelo faced the major growing pains this week as they adjusted to the new places their lives were in. John and Angelo had to adjust to living together and sharing parenting responsibilities for Bay. Daphne developed a crush on Chef Jeff. Kathryn was bitter when the reporter interviewing her about her book ignored her and concentrated on Regina. And Bay was had to face a test to join the group of street artists Medusa runs with.

Bay met up with Medusa again and learned her name was Zarra. The guys who hang with Medusa didn't want to allow Bay to paint with them unless she could prove herself, so she had to paint some graffiti in a public place. Only problem was John learned that she'd been placed on academic probation and confined her to the house. That's when Bay thought a second dad could come in handy and conned Angelo into helping her get out of the house. However, when she didn't show back up as she promised, Angelo returned home and had to face John with the truth. As John was reaming Angelo out he had a lightbulb moment in finally facing up to the truth that Angelo was Bay's father. And Angelo got his first lesson in how to be a father when John told him he couldn't be Bay's friend, he had to tell her no when it was in her own best interest. When Bay came home, John actually took up for Angelo and was disgusted by the way Bay had used him to get what she wanted. Bay apologized to Angelo, but the damage had already been done.

Angelo took refuge down at Regina's place with some takeout food. He told her he doesn't feel comfortable leaving up at the main house. Regina could sympathize since she's been where he is. Angelo looked like he enjoyed being at Regina's place more. Meanwhile John learned someone had painted graffiti on his building. He took Bay with him to help remove it never realizing she was the one who did it. She sent a picture of it before she removed it to Medusa to insure she'd be included in their next painting job.

This episode really pointed out the face that John is from Mars and Bay is from Venus. Earlier, John has unintentionally insulted Bay by saying while her art was fine, if she's just apply herself to her studies she could make something of herself. And when John saw Bay's graffiti he just saw garbage painted on his wall, while she saw art.

Kathryn and her attorney, Craig, are a little uncomfortable around each other, after their moment together on the night of the prom. She's uncomfortable for another reason when she gets Regina to do an interview with her about her book, and the interviewer basically ignores Kathryn and concentrates on Regina, praising Regina for being heroic in raising a child on her own and for realizing that her child wasn't her child. When Regina and Kathryn go to the restaurant with Melody that Daphne works at, Kathryn is still feeling bitter and resentful and gets drunk. Regina takes Kathryn to the hospital nursery to show her all the newborns look alike and it wasn't Kathryn's fault that she couldn't tell she'd brought home the wrong child. While there Kathryn spots a nurse in the nursery that looks familiar. She realizes it's the woman they found pictures of Angelo with and she realizes that the nursery nurse was Angelo's source.

When Daphne has a mishap with some cupcakes she helps Chef Jeff redecorate them. After that, Daphne develops a crush on Chef. She asks Bay to borrow a very sexy top that Regina doesn't approve of her wearing, but she makes a fool of herself when Chef Jeff leaves to go off with another woman. What Daphne doesn't realize is that woman is none other than Melody. Daphne calls Emmett for comfort and after Emmett leaves Daphne he comes home to see Chef Jeff leaving his mother's house after spending the night with her. When Daphne finds out will that cool her crush on Chef?


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