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Switched At Birth -- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Updated on February 4, 2013

Toby was still determined to have Lana over for dinner, even though he was the only one into the idea. John and Kathryn weren’t into it. Regina refused to come and Bay wanted to do the same, but since she was the Baby Sister she couldn’t get out of it. Daphne could get out of it because she’s not the Baby Sister.

At the dinner party, Lana wasn’t the only surprise guest. Julian Spencer from the INS showed up to investigate if Regina was still living in the guest house and if she was, she could get arrested for committing fraud. Things got worse when Regina and Angelo both showed up. Regina claimed she and Angelo were trying to work through the fact he’d gotten Lana pregnant and the man left satisfied it was a real marriage. John’s campaign manager, Ivan, thinks the whole surprise INS visit was a set-up arranged by his opponent in the campaign, Patricia Sawyer.

Kathryn’s immigration comments were still causing problems for John, when John’s opponent in the race ran an attack campaign against him suggesting he supported immigrants over the American people. Ivan in turn found a sound bite where Patricia Sawyer said she supported legalizing marijuana. So it looked like they’d be fighting fire with fire. Both are hot-button issues that can cause voters not to vote for you.

Bay was still on her "I hate Angelo" tour. She bad mouthed Angelo to Lana. She told Angelo what a disappointment she finds him as a father and is upset she didn’t end up with a good dad like John. Angelo fired back that he could have returned to Italy and not spent time in jail, but he did that to get to know her. It may have made some kind of dent with her as she hung back on the wall the letter by Frida Kahlo Angelo gave her, that she’d earlier tried to sell, claiming she thought it was a fake that Angelo lied was real.

You know, I’m not really sympathizing with Bay on this. She hasn’t been that great of a daughter to Angelo, herself, like when she lied and manipulated him so she could go sneak off with Zara aka Medusa. So what he got a woman pregnant before he came back after learning Bay was his daughter. Angelo has never claimed to be pure as the driven snow. Neither is Bay. Cut the guy some slack. And that goes for Regina, as well. This happened before you two semi-got back together.

Kathryn asked Regina to go out for a girls’ night out and they ended up going to a club Regina and Angelo used to go with. Regina pointed out to Kathryn a man named Zane who used to flirt outrageously with her when she was with Angelo. Seems he’s still interested in Regina and after the dinner party fiasco she returns to the club in a very sexy dress and makes it clear she might be interested in Zane, as well.

Meanwhile Daphne discovers Travis’ situation at home is more of a he said/she said type of thing. It also turns out Travis is the one threatening to move out and his parents aren’t threatening to throw him out like he claimed. Although his mother wouldn’t mind him leaving as she says he never helps around the house and he’s constantly fighting with his father and brother. Later, Bay gets Daphne to admit she might be a little interested in Travis. When a surprise visit from Immigration to prove that Regina isn’t still living in the guest house, Travis helps Daphne cover up that Regina’s still living there. Afterwards, she and Travis share a kiss. No offense, but I saw absolutely no chemistry between Daphne and Travis and she seemed to be doing it more out of gratitude than actual romantic feelings. They really make a dull as dishwater couple.

Will Daphne have morning after regrets after presumably having sex with Travis? I keep thinking she’ll pull a Chef Jeff on him and ultimately tell him she’s just not that into him. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.


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