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Switched At Birth -- I Was A Teenage Zombie

Updated on March 14, 2012

This week found everyone banding together to make a deaf horror film Emmett and Daphne wrote for Emmett's birthday, despite the drama many of the players were experiencing behind the scenes.

Up until now, John and Kathryn have seemed to have this almost perfect marriage. However, when Kathryn reads a chapter of the book Sarah Lazare is doing on the Switched At Birth story, Kathryn is livid and snarling at John. It turns out John told Sarah about the miscarriage Kathryn had and Kathryn is furious he shared such an intimate detail with the woman. It brings up Kathryn's doubts about John's past relationship with Sarah. As the episode ends, John and Kathryn are still at odds to the point John decides to sleep elsewhere he's so sick of Kathryn's attitude.

Emmett nearly gets caught in the sack with Simone when Daphne drops by to apologize for misjudging Simone. When he gets home Bay is taken aback when Emmett's all cool with her and all is forgiven from the vicious argument they had. Emmett's relationship with Melody also seems to be back on track as he confides in her about cheating on Bay. Melody says Emmett has to decide if Bay really needs to know since he swears it's a mistake and will never happen again. He seems to decide not to tell Bay, but when they're kissing at the end of the episode, he pulls away from her when he starts having flashbacks of being in bed with Simone. Still, he swears to Bay he's with her.

Unfortunately for Emmett, during the filming of the movie, Wilke uses Simone's phone for a prop and sees a text conversation between Emmett and Simone discussing the one night stand. Simone gets him to keep quiet, but he feels so guilty about keeping it from Toby, he makes an excuse to go home early after the movie is done filming. On the Wilke/Daphne front, Daphne uses the movie as the opportunity to teach Wilke some sign language, but he's still not that into learning it, which could lead to problems down the road.

Daphne's having her own problems. While filming the movie she's struck by What Could Have Been blues as she thinks about all she missed out by not being raised by John and Kathryn. She even confronts Regina about why she never told her the truth about the switch since she knew. She tells Regina she doesn't want to be mad at her, and doesn't regret her childhood with Regina, but she can't help but think of what could have been.

Kathryn and Regina reach a detente in regards to Kathryn's book. At first, Regina absolutely refuses to help her by letting her tell Regina's side of the story. But after they go through Angelo's things in a storage locker and Regina sees photos of all the women he's been with, and Kathryn tells Regina about Sarah Lazare writing her book about their story, Regina changes her mind.

So as we go into the season finale next week, tensions are bubbling. Will John and Kathryn settle their differences or will the rift just widen between them. And will Emmett continue to keep his cheating from Bay or will it blow-up in his face.

I always thought George-Michael's Careless Whisper made a good point.

To the heart and mind;

Ignorance is kind;

There's no comfort in the truth;

Pain is all you'll find.

However, keeping something like that a secret is always going to be there between you and the relationship you could have with nothing between you you won't have because it's always going to be there between you even if the person who doesn't know doesn't know about it. By keeping it a secret, you'll never be able to be totally honest with the person you love. Instead of keeping it a secret, how about never doing it to begin with. Yes, not telling the person about it because it's never going to happen again seems kinder, but it's always going to be there in your relationship. You're going to know what you did and it's going to keep you from being as close to the person you love as you could be. Telling the truth could possibly put an end to your relationship if the person you love can't get past it. But what kind of relationship can you have by keeping something like that from someone you love.

My philosophy is it's better to tell when it happened because if you wait and it comes out at a later point it's going to be a whole lot worse.At the point you were having problems the person you cheated on might be better able to understand it, but if it comes out after you settle your problems, that window of opportunity where it might be understood is lost. And I think it always comes out at some point. Considering Wilke knows and he's avoiding his best friend, Toby, because he said he wouldn't tell, Toby's going to start wondering why Wilke's avoiding him and confront him and it's more than likely to come out.

Speaking of Wilke, he's just the cutest thing. You just want to hug and cuddle him. Minor crush. I'm way too old for him. But he is a cute little thing and hope things work out for him and Daphne. Unfortunately, if Wilke continues not wanting to learn sign language, there's going to be problems.


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