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Switched At Birth -- Identity Crisis

Updated on February 7, 2012

Grandma Bonnie Visits

Both Daphne and Bay are the victim of being stereotyped because of their new identities.

The families are still recovering from the shocking truth that Audriana ratted Angelo out to immigration. Audriana also reveals that she tipped Angelo off to what she did. So the question is was Angelo taken away by the INS or did he run away again. Things get nasty between Regina and Audriana to the point Audriana moves out and returns to East Riverside.

Kathryn's mother, Bonnie, arrives, stirring the pot even more. Toby warns Daphne that Bonnie might say saying rude about her being deaf, but the person he should have warned is Bay. Bonnie no longer feels the same about Bay because she isn't blood, when previously they had a really close relationship. Bonnie even gives Daphne the cameo that she was saving to give to Bay. To make matters worse Bay hears Bonnie telling Kathryn that Bay isn't intelligent and had so much trouble with school because she's Puerto Rican.

Bay doesn't want to go to the usual tea with Grandma Bonnie after what she heard, but Kathryn makes her go. During the tea, Bay causes a scene and storms out. When Kathryn follows her, she reveals she heard what Bonnie said about her. Bay ends up destroying the mural she was commissioned to do. Then she goes to Regina with help with dealing with being Puerto Rican.

At school, Daphne runs into her friend, Monica, from the old neighborhood. When Simone shows up and says she can't find her watch, Monica thinks Simone is accusing her of stealing her watch because she's Puerto Rican and Simone pretty much says she is when she says her watch never went missing until Monica showed up. Simone and Monica get into a cat fight and Daphne is trying to break it up when the coach show up.

The coach really has it out for Daphne and blames her as much as Simone. He decides Daphne needs to be less prejudice about East Riverside and won't even listen to her trying to tell him she grew up there. As a result, Daphne has to do community service with Simone. Monica shows up and basically tells Daphne she no longer belongs in the neighborhood. Later, when Daphne tries to join a neighborhood basketball game, Monica gives her the same tude and declares Daphne doesn't belong. Daphne goes to Audriana to asks if she's changed and her grandmother assures her her zip code has changed, but she's still who she's always been.

Daphne gives the cameo back to Bonnie suggesting she give it to Bay, which Bonnie does. But the damage has been done, especially when Bonnie keeps saying that everything has changed. As a result, John decides to buy Bonnie out of the car wash and Kathryn questions if she's as bigoted as her mother is, since when they had a Puerto Rican repairman in the house she locked up the silver and didn't do the same when she had a white repairman. Kathryn also reveals to John she feels closer to Bay than she does Daphne, even though she carried Daphne inside her body for nine months.

Bay has a nice bonding moment with Regina, when she asks Regina [who used to be an artist] to help her repair the mural. She reveals to Regina that Regina is the first person to ever paint with her.

Bay warns Toby that Simone will try to mold him into what she wants him to be and she seems to be trying by first suggesting her experiment with his music and take it in a different area. She even wants to dress him differently. He confronts her and she agrees to back-off and just be his girlfriend.

I think I liked this episode the best of the episodes from the Winter season. No boyfriend drama, just dealing with the affects of the switch and how it's changed everyone's lives.


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