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Switched At Birth -- Man-Magnet Daphne Gets Rejected Twice

Updated on August 5, 2014

And Bay learns if she has an aneurysm

If you've gotten sick of one or two new men falling all over themselves to get a taste of Man-Magnet Daphne's pie, this episode was for you. Neither Nacho Cheese Doritos or Travis thought her apple pie tasted too nice and rejected her for other girls. Believe me, I'm still laughing my head off over that one, while simultaneously wishing someone would just push this spoiled brat's face in.

This week's bad thing Regina did in Pinched-Face Daphne's mind was accepting Angelo's life insurance settlement. She was like, "How dare you! When you killed him!" Both John and Kathryn told Regina to ignore the spoiled brat and take the money, as Angelo would have wanted her to. Someone needs to call this obnoxious self-centered spoiled brat on how her behavior is completely dishonoring Angelo as I sincerely doubt he'd want to obnoxious twit to be acting this way.

At school, the obnoxious brat suggests the senior class skip school and go to some amusement park for the day. Sharee wants to go to school, but the obnoxious brat convinces her to skip. What does she care? She's already been accepted into a good school.

The obnoxious brat invites Nacho Cheese Doritos and gets an unpleasant shock. Nacho has brought his own girlfriend, one he prefers to Man-Magnet Daphne and he basically blows her off. This is something she can't comprehend. He basically used her like a piece of toilet paper to wipe his butt, now he's ready to flush her down the toilet. To retaliate against a guy daring to reject her wonderfulness she steals his beers, then proceeds to go after Travis next to validate her over-inflated ego.

She get Travis to go for a ride with her on the ferris wheel and proceeds to shove her tongue down his throat. She can't comprehend it when he pushes her away and tries to move in on him, again, after all there was a time Travis was just dying for a taste of her pie. He tells her he's got a girlfriend and he doesn't want to cheat on her with Daphne. Then when he gets off the ferris wheel he tosses his cookies. I like to think it's a reaction from having this toxic twit tongue him, since Travis is no virgin when it comes to drinking.

Bay saw Daphne macking on Travis and she's furious. She calls the nasty little twit out for macking on her friend's boyfriend. Of course, the little snot blows it off as no biggie and accuses Bay of being racist for daring to call Nacho Cheese Doritos a thug. Hate to break it to you, honey, but he is a thug and after what you did you're a thugette. When Bay calls her out for how she's treating Regina and says they're all sick of her acting like a spoiled brat, To which the spoiled brat has the nerve to say this doesn't concern Bay. No, this is just about her mother and father. It actually concerns Bay more than it concerns this pathetic loser. Bay had more of a relationship with Angelo than this pathetic loser did. Then she knocks Bay to the ground and stomps off like the spoiled brat she is.

Of course, she even manages to top herself, when she has the nerve to try and compare her self-made conflict with Regina to Sharee's real problems with her mentally ill mother. I was wishing Sharee would have slapped this moron into next week. But she actually let her get away with her self-indulgent crap, saying Regina has changed and she doesn't know how to forgive her. And I'm like, "Regina has nothing to be forgiven for, you on the other hand have done a lot that needs to be forgiven for." Like jeopardizing Regina's career.

Then Regina tries again with the spoiled brat suggesting she could use Angelo's money to take her and Bay on a summer road trip and then even quickly adds then can exclude Bay if it upsets the spoiled brat too much so they can make it all about Princess Daphne. That's when the snot says Regina isn't her mother and never has been.

Kathryn gets Regina to go to New York with her and it's the only fun she's had with the flame-haired spoiled brat as her roommate. While there Kathryn runs into an old conquest she had sex with. It's unclear if she cheated on John while they were married or not, but her carrying on about John possibly having sex with that reporter kind of makes her a hypocrite. The old conquest thinks he was so memorable Kathryn put him in her book and that she wants to do it again. So she and Regina pretend to be lovers and even kiss for good measure.

Kathryn is honored when a famous writer wants to use her book in her syllabus for a class. It's a real high for her to be compared to Jane Austen. Although I'm sure Jane Austen wouldn't equally be thrilled having her work compared to a trashy tabloid tell-all.

Bay goes to Angelo's doctor to have herself tested for an aneurysm. Meanwhile she learns Emmett's been accepted into a film school and encourages him to go. She also encourages him to pursue Matthew's cousin who now wants to meet and greet Emmett thinking she has a death sentence. Emmett accuses her of being jealous and acts all self-righteous after his spoiled brat routine over her having dinner with Tank and his father. Later, when Bay learns she doesn't have an aneurysm she offers to follow Emmett to college. In short, this is just her Ty plan recycled for Emmett only Emmett is too selfish not to encourage Bay to not give up her life to basically follow him around as he pursues his dream.

I was actually disappointed Bay didn't have an aneurysm as it would have made a more interesting story than this Emmett crap she's stuck with. But it might also take focus off the red-haired spoiled princess brat and we couldn't have that.

Finally, Travis takes the steps to quit school, but Melody rips up the paperwork and tells him he's going to go to Gallaudet's online school. She convinces him to give up his loading dock job and stick with school to be all he can be.


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