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Switched At Birth -- Melody Is No Sweet Tune

Updated on January 12, 2012

Angelo had the week off from causing trouble, but Melody was there to fill his shoes. Actually, I prefer Angelo's kind of trouble more.

Melody has made it clear since she learned Bay and Emmett were dating she doesn't like it. She, in fact, blames everything she doesn't like or anything that goes wrong with Emmett on Bay. She's the mother-in-law from hell without being married. What's up her nose this week: Emmett got a bad grade in history, he's cut class and the worst of all, he wants to see a speech therapist. And they're all Bay's class. It's fine not to like someone, but when you're in-the-face with it as Melody it's not a good thing.

Emmett tells Bay he doesn't care if his mother hates her, but Bay wisely knows that if the mother doesn't like you that's like the beginning of an end to a relationship. So Emmett invites Bay to dinner, which doesn't make her day, already knowing what it's going to be like. Bay gets Regina to go with her. The dinner goes as well as Bay's outting with Angelo: it's a disaster. Bay finally has enough and leaves. Regina calls Melody to task for her behavior and leaves with Bay. However, Bay isn't aware of that, and when Regina defends Melody to Bay, she says there's always someone between her and Regina.

I'm just glad their finally exploring the Bay/Regina angle, since they'd been pretty much ignoring it, at first, as Regina didn't even seem interested in getting close to Bay.

On the Daphne side of the fences, things aren't going well between Daphne and John. Daphne has gotten a chance to play on the Bruckner team and she wants to take it, but John tells her she can't abandon her team. However, she does she's going to take the offer, especially after losing a game with her team who are just playing for fun and don't care if they win or lose. She wants to be on a team that cares about winning.

Daphne also becomes friends with Simone, an ex-friend of Bay's. Bay tries to warn her off of Simone and Daphne gets fed up. I can get where Daphne is coming from as it does seem that Bay is taking everyone from her while warning Daphne off anyone that's connected to Bay. However, Bay may be right about Simone and was just trying to help Daphne. Simone leaves a bar she takes Daphne to and she doesn't pay the bill.

On other fronts, Katherine's new venture may bring more trouble to this struggling nuclear family. When a reporter pitches doing a book on the Switched At Birth saga and basically threatens to do it without Katherine, she decides to write a book about the drama herself. John is supportive, but just how will Bay and Daphne feel, not to mention Regina.

Katherine doesn't react well when she learns about Bay and Emmett. Like Daphne, Katherine had a good point. Bay went from Liam, to Ethan from on The Lying Game, to Emmett. Maybe Bay needs to take a time-out before getting seriously involved with another boy.

Daphne is just the opposite of Bay. She blows Wilke off telling him he's not her type even though she tells all her troubles to and goes to him for fake ID's. A hurt Wilke gets the message.

The last scene I have no idea what it was about. After Emmett got Melody to promise to give Bay a chance, Emmett is working on his bike when the police suddenly show up. We see the whole thing from Emmett's perspective and we and Emmett have no idea what they want. Because Emmett has a wrench in his hand then knock him to the ground.

I have to say after seeing Daphne's antics at the bar, I really don't think she and Emmett would work as a couple. Strangely enough he's more suited to Bay, even though on the surface they seem totally different.


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