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Switched At Birth --Melody's Intolerance For The Hearing Brings It's Own Rewards

Updated on February 27, 2013

Original Airing: February 25, 2013

Melody’s elitist bigotry finally bites her on her own backside for once; unfortunately, a lot of others have to suffer with her, as well. And Bay makes a deal with Regina she may soon live to regret.

Patricia Sawyer pays John a visit to tell him she found Toby and her daughter in her hot tub together. John has a hard time believing it and says maybe she’s wrong about it being Toby. Meanwhile Toby spends some more time with Elisa and isn’t too impressed when he learns she’s stealing from her mother. Ultimately, he contacts Nicky and asks her to get back together with him.

Bay and Noah are having trouble finding something in common they can do together for a date. She, however, notices that Daphne and Noah have a lot in common and even like the same things. Meanwhile Daphne notices that Noah is having trouble hearing as they rehearse for the play. He starts wearing his hearing aid, but she still hasn’t discovered he’s going deaf. And instead of going to Noah, when Bay is worried about Regina she goes to Emmett to talk over her concerns.

Bay also suspected that Regina was back drinking. She went to Daphne with her suspicions and Daphne refused to even consider it and shut Bay down. Bay got Regina to introduce her to her new boyfriend, Zane, and became concerned when he brought Regina a bottle of wine. She later went to Zane and asked him if when Regina is with him if she drinks, explaining that Regina is an alcoholic. He admits she has drunk. When Regina shows up at the club and orders a drink, Zane tries to persuade her not to drink. When Regina discovers Bay told him she was an alcoholic, she angrily confronts Bay and tells her to stay out of her life. Later, she apologizes and promises she’s going to go to a meeting and get help, and Bay agrees not to tell Daphne or John and Kathryn. However, when Regina leaves a message for her sponsor, she ends up deleting it, meaning Regina’s drinking problem has only just begun.

Melody, in about the only decent thing she’s done of late, tries to convince Travis to go to college and become a teacher. Travis gets on Emmett for not being nicer to his mother. Emmett ends up apologizing to her and when he learns of Travis’ problems suggests he move in with them. Isn’t it nice people apologize to Queen Melody, but she never apologizes to anyone she treats to her elitist bigotry.

Speaking of which, she arranges a rally to keep hearing kids out of Carlton next semester. Melody’s soul sister in elitist bigotry, Natalie, tells Daphne the girl who was going to play Juliet dropped out of the play to make a statement so the school wouldn’t think deafies and hearing kids were getting long and Daphne needed to make a choice. She chooses Queen Melody’s side and even speaks out against hearing kids being allowed at Carlton.

I’m sorry, but Melody has no business being a teacher, since she teaches intolerance and that deaf people are better than hearing people and for deaf people to look down on hearing people. How is that any different then people treating deaf people like their stupid because they’re deaf? The reason Bay got bullied by Natalie when she started at Carlton is because of the intolerant garbage Melody is teaching these kids. Having hearing kids at Carlton could help the deaf students learn to interact with hearing people and could teach both groups tolerance. I’m sorry, but if these deaf kids think when they graduate they’re not going to have to associate with people who can hear, they’re living in Melody Fantasy Deaf Land. And if they look down their noses on hearing people the way Queen Melody is teaching them to, they won’t get anywhere in the world. Deaf people don’t have it easy in the hearing world and if they’re copping an elitist attitude they’re going to get nowhere fast.

What makes it worse is no one ever calls this witch out on her garbage. Regina barely said boo to the witch after the way she treated Bay when she and Emmett first started seeing each other. No one has called her out for the vile things she said to Regina, who is supposed to be this intolerant cow’s friend. But you notice she had no problem spreading her legs for a hearing guy like Chef Jeff because she found him hot. What happened to her deaf people belong with deaf people stance then? She’s a hypocrite as well as a bigot.

Anyway, Queen Melody got what she wanted. There will be no more hearing kids at Carlton. But there won’t be any deaf kids, either. The school board decided to close down Carlton after Queen Melody’s little rally to prevent hearing kids from going to Carlton. Congrats, Witchiepoo, happy now? I hope all your intolerant deaf students are happy, as well. Maybe this will teach them that intolerant hatred gets them nothing and costs them the school they had to go to.

Now Melody can try and find a new job. Although I hope no other deaf school hires her to spread her intolerant hatred to other deaf kids. She did enough damage to the students at Carlton. When they leave Carlton they’ll have a hard time, not because they’re deaf, but because they’ve been taught to act like their better than everyone else and it’s okay if they bully hearing people because they’re the chosen ones. Of course, you can be sure no one will call her out on this, either.

I really don’t know where the show is going with this deaf storyline. Maybe showing that deaf people can be just as big of an intolerant bigot as hearing people can be. The deaf kids certainly haven’t come off very sympathetic in this story. They've come off as pretty unlikable mini-Melody clones.


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