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Switched At Birth -- Moving On

Updated on September 25, 2012

We were spared of Chef Jeff and Daphne's crush on him, this week. While Toby and Emmett met new girls that could possibly help them move on from Simone and Bay. Meanwhile, Regina made a surprising new friend.

Angelo drops by to see Daphne with a gift and she's not exactly welcoming. It doesn't take Angelo too long to put two and two together and realize Audriana wasn't the only person who didn't want to live with him at Regina's. Later, when Angelo shoots himself with a nail gun in the hand, Daphne insists on taking him to the ER. She even gives him tips on how to get seen quicker by moaning. Finally, Angelo has enough of her attitude and tells her he came back so it's time for her to get over it. It appears to be what she needed to hear, as she gives Angelo a present of some work gloves later. She seems finally ready to move on from her anger towards Angelo.

Kathryn confronts Angelo about not telling them LeeAnn, his girlfriend from the hospital, was his source. He said he didn't want Gina to know about him and LeeAnn since it was over before it began. Kathryn goes to Regina and tells her about LeeAnn and hopes Regina isn't going to get romantically involved with Angelo again. Regina gets upset about LeeAnn and says this is the same thing he did while they were dating and that she was always waiting for him to find someone better than her and dump her. Kathryn keeps bringing up Patrick to Regina and Regina is kind of evasive on the matter. I think Patrick took a header the instant he learned Regina married Angelo.

Angelo comes to see Regina and faces her jealous wrath. He tries to get around her by pointing out something is always bringing them back together and that they even have the same hand injury now.

Meanwhile, Regina sees Simone getting someone to buy her booze and stops her. She suggests Simone go to an AA meeting as Simone pours out her trouble to Regina, asking if she'll be her friend. She agrees, despite how unpopular it's going to make her if Bay ever finds out, since she told Simone to go to a new school.

Speaking of Bay, she almost gets arrested when she's out painting with Medusa. The only thing that saves her is revealing that John is her father. While it gets her off the hook with the cops, Medusa wants nothing to do with her because she lied to her about her last name. Bay sort of explains later that Vasquez really is her last name and it's a long story. Medusa forgives her and they're back to being friends. Bay feels Medusa is the only one who understands her.

While Daphne and Emmett are at a motorcycle show they meet a fellow deaf girl named Robin. Daphne thinks she's perfect for Emmett, but Emmett is still waiting for Bay. Daphne goes to Bay suggesting she tell Emmett it's time he moved on. When Bay is talking to Emmett about her problems with John, she sort of does that when she encourages Emmett to spend time with Robin.

For Emmett's part, he suggested it was time for Bay to tell John the truth about her street art. Finding out Bay was doing street art didn't change his opinion on the matter. He still sees it as trash, vandalism and a crime. He even told Bay he doesn't feel like he knows her. He also filled Kathryn on Bay's extracurricular activities.

While John was finding out Bay's deepest darkest secret, Kathryn was trying to get Toby to embrace his music again. He finally tells her why he and Simone broke up. She tricks him into going to church where the church group New Dawn is playing. He refuses to go on stage and perform until Kathryn goes on stage and sings and he comes on stage and joins her. The girl singer for the group, Nicky, invites Toby to play with them. Although he refuses, she sticks a flyer in his guitar case.

The interesting thing about this episode was making you take a different look at what street art is. When you see it, you generally see it the way John does. But seeing it through Bay and Medusa's eyes you see it in a very different light.


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