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Switched At Birth -- New Beginnings

Updated on September 4, 2012

This episode takes place several months after the prom and the Simone Bomb that Emmett dropped on Bay. She spent the summer in the Galapagos and she comes with a new boyfriend, Alex. John makes an interesting comment that should Bay take a rest between boyfriends. That first it was Liam, then Ty and then Emmett and now it's Alex. It's a very valid point and Daphne's love life isn't much better. First there was Liam, then Emmett, then Wilkie and from previews next up will be Daphne's new boss. When you think about the fact that this show is still in its first season, that's a lot of guys to date.

Bay hasn't told Alex about the Switched At Birth mess or Emmett. Daphne gives Bay a letter Emmett wrote her and tells Emmett that Bay came home with a new boyfriend. Bay resists reading Emmett's letter, but eventually does. It gives her directions to a wall mural he did about their relationship, including a part about Bay forgiving him for what he did. Alex realizes Bay is still hung up on Emmett, but I'm not sure if that means the end of their relationship. Bay asks Emmett to meet her and she tells him he's ruined everything, including her ability to move on with someone new, because that's what she needs to do. Emmett says he'll wait for her to forgive him, but it remains to be seen if she'll ever be able to.

Bay actually made me feel sorry for Simone. She told Simone since she doesn't like running into her, that Simone should go to a new school. I think she was totally out of line. If Bay has the problem maybe it's Bay who should go to the new school. It reminds me of how she got Daphne to break-up with Liam because she had a problem with it. Sometimes Bay can be a spoiled little brat.

Toby and Daphne seemed to have bonded more as brother and sister while Bay has been gone. She confides to him that she's been trying to get a job all summer in a kitchen but every time someone finds out she's deaf it's don't call us, we'll call you. Toby suggests she go to Kathryn and ask for her help getting a job. She reluctantly does and gets a job working for a famous Chef. The Chef isn't pleased and when Daphne can't hear someone behind her and misunderstands what he wants done he demotes her to dishwasher. Daphne confides to Toby she's afraid she's going to end up as either a dishwasher or truck driver since people pigeon-hole deaf people and won't give them a chance. When Kathryn drops by and learns Daphne has been demoted she wants to take the Chef to task, but Daphne won't let her. Daphne explains she needs to fight her own battles. Part of that is putting up a mirror in the kitchen so she'll know when someone is behind her, since she can't hear them.

Kathryn and John's marriage continues to be strained. Not that her book has been published and is a success Kathryn is going to have to do book signings, and John had hoped things would return to normal after the book was done and Kathryn would return to being a housewife. Kathryn informs John that she intends this to just be the beginning of a new career for herself.

Meanwhile Regina is haunted by John telling her a sure way Angelo can stay in the country is if he's marries an American citizen. She ultimately decides to hope for the best that Angelo will get to stay without her having to make that sacrifice. However, when the judge rules for Angelo to be deported and Bay is devastated by it, Regina makes the ultimate sacrifice and remarries Angelo so he can stay in the country.


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