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Switched At Birth -- Nikki's Done With God, Ty Plays Fear Factor With Bay And Daphne Plays Truth Or Consequences

Updated on August 6, 2013

Cameron gets his cochlear implant

The Kennish kids continued to face troubles in their love lives.

Nikki doesn't take it well that her father wasn't a paragon of virtue innocently gunned down, but a drug pusher. She confronts her mother during a wedding planning session and his mother isn't pleased Toby took Nikki to prison, but she also reveals that Daddy was a drug pusher. She said at first he started using then he got a surplus and started selling.

When Nikki goes to church and is told she's closer to God than she's ever been, it has the reverse effect on her. She tries to seduce Toby into having sex with her and says she will not be married in the church. The show's most religious character has lost complete faith in her religion.

Daphne's got her own problems to deal with. Chip Coto has been doing a little sleuthing and discovered Daphne was the one of staff pushing for the bill someone blackmailed him to put through. So he puts two and two together. When Daphne learns Coto wants a face to face with her she fakes sickness and doesn't go into work.

Kathryn figures out she's faking it and decides to take her out for a spa day. They're having a good time until Coto's wife shows up and tells Kathryn she knows Coto is messing with another intern and wonders if Daphne might know who it is. Spa day is brought to a crashing halt when Kathryn asks Daphne if she's that intern, which appalls Daphne by the mere suggestion. Kathryn points out she did do an older guy before...Chef Jeff.

Coffee Boy advises Daphne to come to work and face Coto down, because it's only making her look more guilty. She does that and he pretty much says without coming out and saying it that he knows she's the one who blackmailed him.

Things only get worse when Coffee Boy reveals he intends to keep blackmailing Coto. This is the straw that breaks the camels back for Daphne and she says this isn't who she is or who she wants to be. She tells him it over, done, finito. Unfortunately, by dumping Coffee Boy she's given up what little control she had over him as he intends to keep blackmailing Coto and will probably even reveal the intern Coto is messing with in his blog.

And why not? Coto doesn't even know he exists. Anything he does will get blamed on Daphne. Daphne better go to John and tell him everything or she's going to find herself in a world of trouble. Dude definitely wins title of worst boyfriend ever.

Ty isn't far behind. Bay thinks she's going on some nice camping trip with him and he turns it into something trying to force Bay to prove herself. He bullies Bay into climbing some tall tower and won't take no for an answer when she doesn't want to do it and when she doesn't want to slide down on a rope he yanks her off the tower. Needless to say when Ty's little test is done, she's had more than enough of him and stalks off. When she comes back, Ty apologizes and Bay reveals she hurt her ankle, so he takes her to the hospital. Still and all, Ty wins no prizes for being a good boyfriend, either.

Melody and Emmett go with Cameron when he goes in to have his cochlear implant. They meet Cameron's new girlfriend and she's vastly different from the last. She seems to have a good sense of humor and actually gets on well with Melody and Emmett.

Apparently, putting a cochlear implant in doesn't just magically make a deaf person hear. The audiologist needs to adjust it so the person can hear. Even after it had been adjusted so Cameron could hear, he said it still needed to be adjusted because a lot of sounds were too loud.

He also asked Emmett to play the drums for him so he could hear Emmett play for the first time. When Melody arrived, she was also able to enjoy the performance by the vibrations his drum playing was making. Then Cameron gave Melody the number of his audiologist who took a liking to Melody. All in all it was a rare family moment for these three.

Finally, Regina finally told John enough is enough, which I was heartily grateful for. John dropped by to also have Regina decorate his senate office and let the cat out of the bag about Regina being married to Angelo. Luckily, her boss was cool about the fact that Regina didn't reveal that Angelo was her husband. She even makes Regina full time. Afterwards, Regina goes to John and tells him he can stop now. They're even for him saving his life. He says she can move back in if she wants, but Regina doesn't seem to want to do that.

Kathryn heard Toby and Nikki fighting and Toby say he didn't want to marry Nikki like this, so she began to think the wedding might be off. However, Toby later asked if they could have the wedding at the house. It seems that Toby is determined to go through with marrying Nikki.

The previews for next week show Angelo and Regina possibly getting back to that loving feeling. And Bay being furious at John, since he won't apparently held Ty get stationed close to home so he won't have to go back overseas.

Blair Redford seemed to be included of the names of cast regulars and with the official cancellation of The Lying Game, you have to wonder if he'll become a permanent member of the cast. If he does, we'll probably be heading to a Ty/Bay/Emmett triangle. Bay will be going to school with Emmett and have Ty as a boyfriend and Ty has shown how suspicious he is of Emmett and Bay spending time together, so let the fireworks fly.

It also seems like Coffee Boy was just a summer time fling and will soon be gone with the wind. Hopefully that means Noah will be coming back. I still think he's the best future boyfriend of Daphne.


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