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Switched At Birth -- OK, Melody Has A Point, This Time

Updated on January 18, 2012

Melody has been going on and on how everything bad that happens to Emmett is Bay's fault. Well, it's Bay's fault Emmett got arrested. The police found out Emmett put up Bay's artwork on that billboard and that's why they arrested him. I would have liked to see the cop who arrested Emmett realizing he was deaf after the scummy way they treated him.

Melody arrives and gets Emmett released. He may have to do community service and she's going to have to pay a whopping fine she doesn't have the money to pay. And this was right after she said she'd give Bay a chance. Looks like that chance just got blown and she won't have to put her money where her mouth is. Instead she'll have to put her money to paying a huge fine.

Melody and Regina have lunch together and it's very strained. Points to Regina for supporting Bay, even though Melody is her best friend.

Things are also strained between Bay and Emmett. Instead of confiding in Bay about how he feels, he confides in Daphne. And when Bay foolishly goes to Daphne asking if Emmett said anything about her, Daphne goes off on her thinking everything is always about her and that's she's ignorant and will never understand. I actually feel a lot of times Daphne makes everything about herself.

In other Daphne news it seems ditching John's team for Buckner's wasn't such a wise move, after all. The coach won't play her. Simone tells Toby to tell Daphne that the coach only asked her to join the team because she's deaf. The school can now qualify for a grant.

Regina didn't admit it, but unless Daphne is a total dope, she'll have gotten that Regina removed them from the album, herself. Maybe she should question just how honest Regina was about why Angelo left considering Regina's past history with dishonesty.

Daphne goes to see Angelo, but I felt like she only went for him to tell her he left because she was deaf and didn't listen to what he was trying to say. She kept asking, "Did you leave because I was deaf." When he finally gives her what she wants and says, "Maybe a little." she leaves, having gotten what she came for, apparently.

Angelo also approached Regina about helping her opening the salon she wants to open and she takes him up on his offer after a run-in with her boss. Regina also has a run-in with Katherine at Daphne's basketball game when she learns Katherine wants to write a book. Let's just say Regina doesn't like it.

John and Katherine find something about their attorney they don't like. She's carrying on an affair with one of the hospital board members. So they fire her for conflict of interest.

Daphne has a semi-polite conversation with Bay when she fills her in on her conversation with Angelo. Daphne says she feels sorry for Angelo for not fighting for her. Bay tells Daphne she lucked out in bio-dads. This seems to spur Daphne to go to John and ask him to coach her in hopes the coach of her new time will finally let her play. This also finally gives John a child that's as athletic as he is, and will help John and Daphne bond together.

Bay gets Emmett to sneak out to see her. He admits that sometimes he hates hearing people. Bay uses a slide projector and projects one of their works of art on a blank billboard to show Emmett they can still share billboard art without getting in trouble. Bay and Emmett seem to get back on track for the moment. There's still Melody to deal with, unfortunately.

The previews show Bay crying and Angelo telling Regina he wants nothing to do with her. Has another of Regina's deep dark secrets come to life or does Angelo learn Regina knew that Bay had been switched but said nothing.


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