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Switched At Birth -- Rebel Without A Cause

Updated on August 4, 2014

Daphne continues to act out

Yes, it was another episode of Pinched-Face Daphne acting out and having a temper tantrum because her new toy, Daddy Angelo, was taken away from her, and she blames Mommy Regina for that. It seems her sudden desire to be a doctor has evaporated as soon as it was born and her new career goal is to be a hoodlum. And she's got a new partner-in-crime, her new boyfriend, Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Yeah, I called it. From the moment the dude showed up, I knew it wouldn't be long before she started giving the guy a tongue bath. Anyway, Pinched-Face Daphne thinks vandalizing Wes' construction site will be a good way to pay him and Regina back. She and Nacho Cheese Doritos ruin thousands of dollars worth of equipment. When Pinched-Face Daphne sees Wes and Regina shaking hands with Chip Coto, she has a fit and goes to the pool hall to give Nacho Cheese Doritos a tongue bath and I'm sure screwing him won't be far behind.

Of course, the ironic thing is it's all Pinched-Face Daphne's fault that Wes and Regina have to deal with Chip Coto. Seriously, this yahoo should have down hard time for blackmailing Chip Coto, since she's committing even more crimes and apparently didn't learn her lesson. Yes, Dead Daphne, on your resume you can add the glowing accomplishments of being a blackmailer and a vandalizer.

The big news for Daphne and Emmett is they got accepted into Gallaudet, unfortunately, Travis didn't make it. Daphne doesn't care anymore about her education and blows it off saying someone can have her place. Travis' rejection spurs Melody on to contacting the school and suggesting they start a online version of the school so more deaf people like Travis won't be rejected. Meanwhile Travis' friend convinces him to ditch school and join him in the work force working with him at his job.

Another person having problems with the school system is Sharee because her teacher won't let her retake a test and doesn't care she didn't do good on the first test because of her problems with her mother. Toby decides to talk to the teacher and discovers it's his neighbor. One thing leads to another as they're fighting over giving Sharee a make-up test or not and they end up having sex. These Toby and Daphne love interests have become so obvious they should have neon signs blinking, "New love interest," when they walk on screen. However, I didn't think they'd hook up so quickly. Afterwards, there's some awkwardness between them, but she eventually relents and gives Sharee the make-up test.

The teacher isn't anymore interesting than Nacho Cheese Doritos is. I keep thinking her name is Libby, but when they say her name on the show that isn't it. That's how interesting she is. I can't even remember her right name.

It seems one of Bay's cast-off love interests is sticking around for awhile. Bay is not pleased to learn Tank is Toby's new roommate. Tank isn't pleased to see Bay, either, and gives it to her with both barrels about how his life is suck because he gave up his frat for her while she was cheating on him. Good point, Tank.

Bay eventually approaches Tank in art class wanting them to be friends, again. To put her offer to the test, Tank asks her to come to dinner with his father when he breaks it to him he quit the frat house. Unfortunately, Tank hasn't told his father Bay is no longer his girlfriend, either, so he puts her in the uncomfortable position of pretending to be his girlfriend.

Tank's father is kind of a jerk. Not to mention an ex-frat rat, it appears. He doesn't take the news well that Tank quit the frat and blames Bay. That's when Tank reveals Bay isn't his girlfriend anymore, either. He takes off in a huff, presumably leaving them to pay the bill. That's when Bay reveals to Tank what she found out about Angelo's family. Both Angelo and his sister died of aneurysms and she's worried it's hereditary and she may have one, too. Tank is a real friend to Bay in advising her to make an appointment with a doctor to find out the truth so maybe she can get treatment and not end up like her father and aunt. And she does just that.

I have to say Emmett an unlikable little punk this season. He had a fit because Bay was going to help Tank out by going to dinner with him. This little creep is really coming off bad, this season. First, he has sex with Bay [without protection no less] when he knows she's dating Tank. Then when he runs into Tank he doesn't own up to what he's done and face it like a man. Instead, he's a yellow-bellied coward and claims to be someone else. And now he gets in a snit because Bay is going to help Tank out. Dude, you owe that guy so much, especially since you can't seem to cowboy up and act like a man and take responsibility for your actions. As I said before, he comes off as nothing but a self-centered punk.

With the way this Emmett/Bay thing is going, I don't see it lasting beyond high school. The older Emmett gets the more of a jerk he becomes and I don't see any evidence that's going to change. All I can say is come back Ty and rescue Bay from this gutless punk who turned Bay into a cheater just like him.

And in regards to Pinched-Face Daphne, if she thinks the way she's acting is honoring Angelo in any way, she's nuts. If Angelo was alive he wouldn't want her acting the way she's acting and treating Regina the way she's treating her. At this point I seriously wish it had been Daphne that had bought the farm instead of Angelo.


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