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Switched At Birth -- Regina's Back And There's Gonna Be Trouble

Updated on June 11, 2013

Especially when she realizes Daphne's been Kennished

Original Airing: June 10, 2013

Well, my wish of a season-free Travis and Melody wasn’t granted. Instead it appears Noah got deep-sixed, but hopefully there’s a chance he’ll be back. Daphne said he’s gone for the summer and that they’re texting. So one can live and hope. He had an interesting story. If he had gotten involved with Daphne and she’d helped him deal with him going deaf like she did, it might make Daphne more tolerable and likable and add some much-needed depth to her character. Instead she’s still coming off as the snottiest little female dog on the show. And they’ve cast as her new boyfriend British Barista Boy who is as snotty as she is.

Color me shocked that Travis was willing to lower himself by screwing a hearing person, considering how anti-hearing he is. But then Melody is the same way, and she had no problem screwing Chef Jeff. I guess they believe hearing people are good enough to fulfill their sexual needs but not good enough for anything else. As a hearing person, I’m deeply insulted by that. It’s like guys and their belief that there are girls you have sex with and girls you marry.

Daphne and Bay are still at odds and working for John’s senate office. Bay got stuck working there because she couldn’t find another job. Bay gets attitude from British Barista Boy when she tries to give him her order and when Princess Daphne came and put down Bay and gave her a bunch of attitude he pretty much arfed like a seal loving every moment of it. He also declared he would learn to master sign language in a month. Seems 3B likes to learn new things. Maybe he could try manners.

While Bay’s off getting supplies her car breaks down in front an amusement park called Maui, Kansas. While there she meets up with Ty who reveals he’s been back a couple of months but hasn’t told anyone. Bay is offered a job at the carnival and she decides to take it, since she thinks it’ll be more her cup of tea, not to mention she’ll get a break from Miss Attitude Daphne.

Regina returns from rehab and isn’t thrilled to discover that without her around to run interference, Daphne has grown close to John and Kathryn and is practically been living up there with them. Not only is she working for John, she and Kathryn have been cooking together. When she learns they gave Daphne a credit card so she doesn’t have to brown bag it for lunch, she takes it away from her. Regina also finds a bottle of booze she swiped from the main house and returns it to Kathryn. Later, this will prove an issue that John will throw back in Regina’s face.

Kathryn is helping Toby and Nikki plan their wedding, but she’s taking over all the plans and totally disregarding what the bride might want. Things come to a head at dinner when Nikki finally speaks out against the plans and the money Kathryn wants to spend. Regina sticks her beak into things and support Nikki. Toby ultimately shows himself up as a Mama’s Boy by being on Team Kathryn and saying this is the first time he’s seen Kathryn excited about their wedding and suggests Nikki just go along with what Kathryn wants. I still think the only reason Toby asked Nikki to marry him was to stop her from going to Peru, which he accomplished by getting her to say yes to his proposal.

John and Regina also face-off about Bay revealing she’s gotten a job at the carnival, so she can get out of working for John at his office. John is aghast about that, as it has no future career opportunities. John seems to be becoming more elitist with each passing season. He doesn’t like the carnival because it’s not in the rich side of town, as well.

Bay gets a text from Ty asking her to meet him at the carnival, only he didn’t send it. Seems it came from one of his buddies and when he makes inappropriate remarks about Bay, Ty goes ballistic. Meanwhile things reach a critical mass between Regina and Daphne as Daphne accuses Regina of deserting her when she went to rehab and has to deal with Daphne’s anger over her drinking. Regina reveals she’s going to move into Angelo’s apartment for a bit because she needs some space where she can keep from drinking. Needless to say Bay isn’t pleased when she comes home and finds out.

Angelo is still out of town on the hunt for Lana. He’s tracked down the people she intended to give the baby up for adoption and plans to talk to them.

Bay comes over to confront Regina about leaving and not telling her again, like when she took off for rehab and only said goodbye to Daphne. Bay wants to know why Regina doesn’t want to get to know her. She claims it’s because she had to cut off her feelings for Bay when she discovered the switch and realized Bay was really her child. She says she’d like to get to know Bay, and Bay decides to spend the night at Angelo’s.

The disagreement with Nikki over the plans for the wedding has given Kathryn some food for thought, and she’s decided to try and compromise more with what Nikki wants for the wedding. While John reveals the frustrations of being a senator to her.

Finally, Melody comes home to find Travis and Emmett about to get into a couple of hearing girls’ panties they picked up. When the girls spot Melody they run for their lives. When they spotted a pic of Emmett and Melody, Travis had said that Melody was Emmett’s ex-girlfriend and they think she’s some psycho stalking ex-girlfriend. I have to say these girls had the right reaction to Melody. You see her coming, run for your life, especially if you can hear. Look at the way she treated Bay all because she could hear and was dating her son.

I didn’t really pay much attention to the Emmett/Travis talk, but it sounded like Travis was saying he was a virgin and Emmett was promising to make sure he finds someone to deflower him.

You know, it’s kind of interesting that the longer Bay and Daphne know their bio parents the more they seem to be drawn to the lifestyle they’d have lived if the switch had never have happened. It does prove an excellent example of nature vs. nuture.


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