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Switched At Birth -- Season 2 Summer Premiere

Updated on June 17, 2014

Picking up right where we left off...

To all the Bay defenders saying Bay didn't have sex with Emmett in the park, told you so. Yep, she had sex with Emmett and they didn't use any protection, either. As a result, Bay asks Daphne to go with her to get the Morning After Pill. Since Bay's still in high school and The Foster's did this whole Morning After Pill story about a minor not being able to get the Morning After Pill, is Bay officially considered an adult? In short, how was she able to get the pill?

That aside, she's not feeling too great about herself for having cheated when she vowed she'd never cheat on someone like she was cheated on. And to make it worse she cheated on a guy who wouldn't cheat on her with the guy who cheated on her.

Bay goes to Tank to dump him, only he tells her how he quit the frat for her. He kind of goes on about how she's all he has now. So Bay can't go through with kicking him to the curb.

Myself, I used to love Bay and Emmett, but I'm really over them. The current story with Emmett letting that punk Matthew cyber bully him isn't endearing him to me any, either. Not to mention Emmett's hair-do with the piece of hair sticking up in the middle makes him kind of look like Pee-Wee Herman.

Emmett confronts a smug Matthew at school and says he won't tell anyone what he did to him. And then says that thanks to what he did, he got Bay back. Then the little psycho plasters copies of all the conversations he had with Emmett as Mandy. Of course, Dumbo doesn't think Melody will find out about it. She does and makes Emmett go to the police to stand up to the bullying little punk. Only he shows Emmett some pic he took and Emmett lies and protects the punk. Melody, however, isn't buying it and slams the punk up against the locker scaring the crap out of the little creep. Still, Emmett won't come forward and tell the truth even though Melody gets suspended because she gave the little punk a bit of what he's got coming.

Daphne's boyfriend drama took a backseat as she was concerned that Regina was in danger from the people of East Riverside. She went to talk to an old friend from the old neighborhood to find out who threw the brick. The girl comes back to report it was a local teen thug when Bay is with her. Bay kind of gets territorial and wants in on the action when Daphne tracks the guy down at a pool hall.

Daphne wants to take the direct approach and confront the guy head-on, while Bay gets her to go along with her plan to flirt with him and his friend and challenge them to a pool game. Little does Daphne or the guy's know, but Bay's a pool shark courtesy of Wilkie. When Bay wins she says that they owe them a favor and it's to leave Regina alone. When the teen thug appears about to welch on the bet, Daphne goes back to direct confrontation and declares Regina no longer works for Wes, so leave her alone. And all the time I'm thinking this dude will probably be this seasons boyfriend for Daphne.

Unfortunately, Daphne is dealing with faulty info. When Bay's loose lips reveal to John and Kathryn that Regina is being bullied by toughs from her old neighborhood they encourage her to stand up to the bullies and not give in by quitting. This encourages Regina to go to Wes [who got the windows in his truck smashed [so much for the people who said it was Wes who threw the brick through Regina's window.]] who encourages him not to give up on East Riverside and to give her her job back. Wes is a lot less toxic this season and agrees to what Regina wants.

Another male in Regina's life a lot less toxic this season appears to be Angelo. He's actually concerned about Regina when Daphne comes to him and tells him what happened. Daphne wants him to move in to keep Regina safe, she also wants him to start learning sign language so it's easier for her to communicate with him. Wonder how he'll react when he learns Regina is back working for Wes.

The one who started the whole mess, Audriana, was nowhere in sight. I would have loved to see her reaction when she discovered her beloved East Riverside was throwing bricks through her daughter's window with threats. God knows she had plenty to say about Regina working for Wes and being all pro-East Riverside.

For me, it feels like the show has lost some of its oomph. I kept looking at the clock wondering how much longer this episode was going to be on and hoping it was almost time for it to be over. That's never good. I only get that way when the show isn't interesting me. The hour seemed to buzz by on The Fosters. I wasn't constantly clock-watching wanting the clock to go faster so the show would be over.

I guess the problem is a lot of the stories are just not interesting to me. I really don't want to see a continuation of this cyber bullying story with Emmett and Matthew. Seriously, the whole thing is kind of lame. So Emmett got tricked by someone and he took a picture of him at a picnic. Seriously, that's why Emmett caved and didn't rat this little creep out. I get the show wants to do something on cyber bullying but this story just seems very lame. And the fact he's still keeping quiet even though his mother knows the truth and even got suspended it just ridiculous.

The East Riverside Development story just isn't that interesting, but then none of the stories really are. And I've really gone tired of Daphne and her revolving boyfriends. Ever since Wilkie each succeeding boyfriend has just gotten grosser and grosser.

I'm not really sure what the show can do to pick it up.


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