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Switched At Birth -- The Bachelor Party

Updated on August 17, 2013

The gift that keeps on giving

A bachelor party for both Nikki and Toby brings some interesting results.

Last week, Bay said she'd talked to John about getting Ty stationed stateside and she did just that. However, when John came to see Ty, Ty started having buyer's remorse. He told John that he couldn't face the people in his unit if he used his connections to get from going back overseas. I think this move actually gains John's respect. When Bay asks if John was able to do it, he lies that it just wasn't possible.

Daphne proves to be a better sister to Toby than Bay when she extends the hand of friendship to Nikki as her future sister and suggests they have an impromptu bachelorette party for Nikki while Toby is having his bachelor's party. Bay and Mary Beth go along.

Since Nikki's still spinning a bit out of control she doesn't appoint herself the designated driver of the night as she begins downing drinks like they're going out of style. During the Bachelorette Games, has to go kiss a guy and Bay decides it should be Travis

Marybeth confided in Bay that Travis hasn't kissed her and she thinks it's because she's the fat chick. Bay insists they go over to where Toby's bachelor party is being thrown.and go and kiss him. When Bay reveals she's having John get Ty stationed stateside, Marybeth turns on her and says she always thinks she knows what everyone should do. And when they arrive at the bar the bachelor party is being thrown in she sees Travis dancing with a hooker and storms off.

Travis and the stripper isn't what Marybeth thinks. Before she and Bay arrive at the bar, Travis was waiting for Toby and Emmett to show up, but they never did. On the way there Toby revealed that Wilke is no longer going to be his best man because he's against Toby getting married and asks Emmett to be replacement best man. Then Emmett admits he's on the same train that Wilke is. The Don't Marry Nikki Train. If that wasn't a bad way to start the night off, then Simone calls up Toby to tell him she just found out she's got Chlamydia and he needs to get himself tested. This just brings up the whole Emmett and Simone cheating and Toby starts sniping at Emmett about it. So that's how Travis ended up alone at the bachelor's party dancing with the stripper.

I'm guessing that neither of these Einstein's used a condom when they had sex with Simone. Do they know how lucky they are that being exposed to Chlamydia is all they're in danger of? What if Simone was pregnant and didn't know which one was the father or what if Simone had HIV? People were starting to think of the consequences that unsafe sex could cause when the AIDS scare first happened, now it's all gone back to the way it was, with everyone paying fast and loose and not using condom now that AIDS isn't so much in the news as it once was.

I guess the question is if this storyline will play into the bill Daphne got Cota to pass. Will the easy availability of condoms really get these teen boys to use them?

When Emmett watches how cool Nikki is when Toby breaks the news about the Chlamydia to her and the fact they won't be able to have sex on their honeymoon, he changes his mind about Toby getting married and tells him. So Toby finally has a best man that approves of him getting married.

After Bay and Marybeth left Nikki they also got into some trouble of their own. Daphne decided to reveal how she and Coffee Boy blackmailed Coto to pass that bill and what a dirt bag he is. So what does Nikki do? She calls up Coto and leaves a message on his answering machine telling him what a dirt bag he is. When Daphne finds out she freaks what Coto will do if he discovers she's told someone else the truth about him. So they have to do a B&E of Coto's office. Unfortunately, Coto has a secret camera in his office that records the girls in his office, so Daphne is really in the soup.

The in-laws aren't simpatico either. When Kathryn learns the truth about Nikki's father she describes it as Toby marrying into Breaking Bad. John isn't more thrilled. Then while planning the wedding together, Nikki's mother wants all these extravagant changes that Nikki wouldn't want. But finally the mothers find a place where they agree. Neither one of them wants Toby and Nikki to get married.

Angelo gets his baby back but he's not exactly taking to fatherhood that well when he can't get the baby to stop crying. Regina uses a trick that used to work on Daphne. While caring for the baby, it leads to Angelo and Regina having sex. Afterwards, however, Regina tells Angelo she's not going to play mommy to the baby because she's not her mother. I'm guessing Regina will be moving back to the Kennishes.

As we head to the season finale, we have Toby's wedding coming up where few of the people involved actually support the wedding happening. There's also the big threat of what Coto will do to Daphne. I doubt he'll come out with the truth about how she blackmailed him into passing a bill because she knew he got an intern pregnant and got her to have an abortion. That puts him in more trouble than her. He's got a tape of both her and Nikki in his office and he might spin in anyway he pleases. He could try to blame it on John since both girls work for him and say he set them up to do it. Perhaps he won't go after Daphne but force John to resign from office? Whatever the case, Daphne's involvement with Coffee Boy was a bad bad thing. And what will Bay do when she learns Ty changed his mind about staying stateside? Will this spell the end of them and the beginning of Emmett and Bay? If so, Bay better make sure he wears a condom and gets a clean bill of health first.


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