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Switched At Birth -- The Family Meet's Kathryn's New Pal

Updated on January 21, 2014

All the women have new men in their lives

Regina officially meets a new man this episode giving all the women in the family new men in their lives.

Regina is trying to make herself into Uptown Regina to fit her taking over the business from her boss. As part of that she's going to try to buy an expensive car she can ill afford. That's when Audriana comes in asking her to decorate her Cousin Felicia's nursery pro bono. Regina isn't thrilled about it, but her mother shames her into it. Later, Regina doesn't know how she can do it when Daphne reminds her how creative she used to be when it came to decorating their place in the old neighborhood. So Regina goes to a junkyard and comes up with an idea, she also meets a man named West. Angelo better watch his P's and Q's and the way he treats Regina because if West sticks around he could definitely be some competition for the Italian stallion.

Daphne continues to get close to the wheelchair bound Campbell who hopes to walk again and to snowboard again, as well. When Daphne doesn't sign a skate boarder named Aaron out of the clinic and he may have diabetes, Campbell helps her to track him down and get him to return to the clinic so Daphne won't get into trouble. Daphne starts watching snowboarding videos on her laptop and seems to think a romance could be brewing between them. However, when a girl shows up to see Campbell, who may be his girlfriend, she's crestfallen.

Bay isn't feeling the love from her college art teacher who praises all the other students who she feels isn't as good as she is and isn't treating her like the brightest and best. It makes her question how good an artist she truly is. When Tank gets in trouble for not completing his assignment of doing a sketch of Bay. she steps up and explains it's her fault he wasn't able to complete the assignment in time. She got drunk because of her break-up with her boyfriend and Tank listened to her drunken ramblings and also stopped her from doing something she would have regretted. So the teacher gives Tank an extension to do the assignment and Bay finally gets her teacher's praise when she does her sketch of Tank using the x's and o's used in a football play diagram.

Things don't go so well on the field hockey team when Toby makes her play, when she thought she'd only have to warm a bench. Bay is not a sport's girl She screams when the other hockey girls come after her and gets knocked down. She is so not happy about this. Meanwhile, as Emmett is filming the practice he catches on film the Tire Slasher slashing another blind kid's tire on their car. He can't see how it is, all he can see is the person doing it is wearing a white hoodie with a grease spot.

Toby confides in Daphne he'd really love to get Sharee for field hockey team. Sharee is the new girls Daphne's had so much trouble with. So Daphne challenges her to a basketball game, sure she can't beat Sharee, to get her to join the field hockey team. As it turns out Sharee beats Daphne, but she also agrees to join the field hockey team.

After the field hockey practice breaks up Emmett is horrified to discover Natalie putting on the white hoodie with the grease streak. She is apparently the tire slasher. It's obvious why she's doing it. She's hoping it to make it look like the new kids are targeting the blind kids in hopes they'll be thrown out of Carlton. Maybe she even got the idea when she saw Sharee and Daphne get into it with each other their first day of school.

Kathryn decides she wants her family to meet her new pal, Renzo, who has actually made her come out of her blue funk. While Toby and Bay are charmed by him, John kind of has a stick up his but about Renzo's exuberance for life. Renzo ends up leaving early when John makes him feel unwelcome. Before leaving he manages, unintentionally, to get Kathryn in a boatload of trouble with John when he revealed Kathryn was with him when she lied to get out of attending a fundraising event with John.

John confronts Kathryn about her lying and she tells him she's not happy. She stalks off after telling him she's going to see her psychiatrist. That sent a chill up my spine. If John ruins what Kathryn has going with Renzo and she relies on that pill-pushing quack, she could end up with a pill addiction.

I really don't think becoming a politician and getting elected to office has had a good effect on John. He used to be so much more likable before he won the election. Now he's like Mr. Politically Correct. And he's always been so good with Daphne, but now she's afraid he doesn't love her anymore and he might throw her out. A scene from next week's promo even has Daphne tearfully saying she doesn't care anymore if he throws them out.

I think the best thing that could happen to John would be if he resigned from office and went back to the car wash. He was a lot nicer when he ran the car wash. It seemed Kathryn's unhappiness also began when John ran for office. And John's making Daphne feel unwanted because of her blackmailing Coda. So all the problems seem to stem from his political career. If he gets rid of it things might get better for him and his relationship with his family.


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