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Switched At Birth -- The Fugitive

Updated on February 1, 2012

Now that Daphne is out of her relationship with Emmett, Bay is doing a good job of screwing it up all on her own. And Wilke just keeps becoming my favorite character more and more.

Okay, can anyone really picture Melody being married to Emmett's father? Talk about two totally different personalities. If she did marry him, while obviously she did or he wouldn't be her ex-husband, she did so because he was deaf. Anyway, he's got himself a new girlfriend who is a bit of a free spirit. On principal I think Melody would approved based on the fact the new girlfriend is hard of hearing.

Anyway, Bay helps Emmett move his things in with his father and he and his girlfriend are very friendly and nice to Bay and don't even take it personally when Bay inserts her foot in her mouth and insults the girlfriend for hogging a parking space so they had to park quite a distance from the apartment and have a long trek to bring Emmett's things. Later, when Emmett doesn't tell Bay what she wants to hear in regards to Angelo she gets all nasty about his father having a bong in the living room and his girlfriend trying to push them into having sex. Then she takes off.

Katherine runs into Angelo at the Farmers Market and in the spirit of bon homie invites him to dinner. Dinner, however, doesn't go well when Katherine discovers that Angelo is a fugitive from justice. Angelo explains he was about to get married and went out drinking with a friend who admitted to shagging Angelo's future wife and Angelo beat him up. He woke-up in jail. His friend's father was a powerful prosecutor who was out to get him, so Angelo ran for the border. Angelo promises not to run, this time. Bay vows if John and Katherine turn Angelo in she'll never forgive them.

Daphne goes to work for John and she notices him spending time with a woman named Sarah Lazare. She begins to suspect that John is cheating on Katherine. Eventually, she confronts John and he reveals that Sarah is a reporter writing a story on the switch and he was trying to get her to wait to release her book so Katherine would have a chance to release hers first. This leads to a nice father-daughter moment where Daphne admits she always wanted Angelo to come back and be a good father to her. John promises he'll never leave her. Best moment of the episode.

Daphne is also giving Wilkie a chance with her. He takes her for a wild ride in a golf cart at the golf course and they share a kiss. He also reveals that when he was younger he had Scoliosis and had to have an operation and the kids would tease him. However, when her team mates tell her they all dated Wilkie and he also took them to the golf course for their date her date with Wilkie starts to sour and she suspects Wilkie made up the story about having Scoliosis as a kid to score with her. Wilkie tells her it's a small town and he doesn't know of anywhere else to take his dates and the story he told was true, but she was the only one he's ever told about it.

Emmett lets Bay know he wants to have sex with her; this leads to Bay revealing she's a virgin. It's actually ironic that both [I'm assuming Daphne isn't one, either] Emmett and Daphne aren't virgins and the Bohemian artist that's dated a lot of boys has never had sex. I don't think Emmett and Daphne took the magic carpet ride together. Until recently Daphne didn't seem to have that kind of relationship with Emmett.

Angelo must have loved being married to Regina when Gina's mother hates his guts. How much does she hate him? Why enough to turn him into the authorities. When Bay goes to see Angelo she finds him and all his things gone. Welcome to Daphne's world, Bay. It still remains to be seen if Angelo ran for the border when he realized the cops were coming from him, despite his promise not to leave again, or if the police took him into custody and that's why all his things are gone from his room.

This is one big dysfunctional nuclear family. I kind of get the feeling for all of John and Katherine's wealth their family was dysfunctional before this. Toby had a gambling problem and Bay didn't feel like she didn't fit in. So John and Katherine's family life was never perfect. Strangely enough, Regina family seemed to actually be functional, even though she knew she was raising someone else's child while someone else was raising her child.

The dynamics of this extended family just keeps getting more and more interesting.


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