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Switched At Birth -- The Sounds Of Silence

Updated on March 7, 2013

Original Airing: March 4, 2013

I had a hard time watching this episode. Not because it was an all sign language episode, but because the deaf kids are just so unsympathetic they had very little to no root-for quality about them. I understand they got mistreated by hearing people, but they’ve become just like the people who mistreated them. They’re bullies and bigots and users. I was bullied in school and I didn’t become a bully. So there’s no excuse or free pass for their behavior.

The deaf kids decide to take over Carlton to try and force the school not to sell it and keep it open. Emmett asks Bay to do some artwork for them, but won’t tell her what it’s about. That’s why I said they’re also users amongst all their other sins. Bay’s good enough to do artwork from them but they treat her like a pariah otherwise.

Before the protest, Melody is offered a job helping to place the deaf kids and help to mainstream them. But she can’t speak out against their closing of the school. She goes along with it. I guess it’s true scum always rises to the top. Sorry, but of all the deaf characters on the show, she’s the most unsympathetic. She couldn’t stop herself from digging Kathryn when she was only trying to help. Her bitterness and bigotry are appalling.

Noah asks Daphne to practice the kiss they have to do in the play before they perform it on stage. They both seemed affected by the kiss, and Emmett witnesses it. He later confronts Daphne about the kiss and says it didn’t look much like a stage kiss. He also reminds her that Noah is with Bay.

As Travis tries to break into the school, he can’t, and comes to the play. Bay helps him to sneak into the school by pulling the fire alarm and ruining the play in the process. But later he returns that help by only wanting to let the right people in to help protest the closing of Carlton. In other words, only deaf kids. He then demands only deaf kids be allowed at Carlton. Yes, he hasn’t been treated well by some hearing people, but he’s been treated good by John and the protest couldn’t have happened without Bay’s help, but all he can think about if some hearing people mistreated him. He can’t even be grateful to the fact his worthless butt wouldn’t even be locked in the school if a hearing person hadn’t helped him.

Bay later confronts Daphne about not standing up to her and Daphne says she doesn’t know if any deaf kids should be allowed at Carlton. So, basically she’s okay about using Bay and Noah to help her little protest but then she’s not sure if any hearing kids should be allowed at the school. Bay and Noah actually stayed while some of her deaf allies walked out because she didn’t like what they were texting on their phones and computers and wanted to confiscate them all.

The sad thing is the deaf kids still won’t face the truth that their intolerance is what is closing the school. Hearing kids were allowed in because Carlton needed money to stay open. That’s why they wanted to bring more in. Another sad thing is having deaf and hearing people go to school together could help both groups learn to treat each other with respect, but again the deaf kids intolerance led them to bully the hearing kids who came to the school. The deaf kids better take themselves off to an island where only deaf people are allowed, because if they live in the real world they’re going to have to associate with people that can hear.

The all sign-language episode was nice, but it would have been nicer if most of the deaf kids weren’t written in such an unpleasant manner. Bottom line, the show has proven that hearing or deaf a bigot and a bully is still a bigot and a bully no matter if you can hear or not.


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