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Switched At Birth -- The Tournament

Updated on March 7, 2012

Carlton gets in the Springfield Basketball Tournament opposite Buckner when the team they were supposed to play against is caught drinking and gets qualified. Daphne feels a lot of pressure on her to win the game since she's representing the deaf community.

Bay also feels under pressure when Melody wants her to testify for her at her custody hearing, which will just decimate her relationship with Emmett. Bay goes to Daphne hoping she could testify, but Daphne hasn't see the things Bay has. Making matters worse, Emmett asks her to stay out of it, because he's going to tell the judge he wants to live with his father. Easier said than done when Bay goes over to Emmett's to measure his bike to buy him a fender for his birthday and she and Toby find Olivia's pot stash in the garage. As it turns out, Olivia is selling drugs right out of the house. Having no choice, Bay reaches out to Cameron to do the right thing. All he can talk about is beating Melody but when Bay says she's going to lose Emmett for coming to him, it finally gets through to him.

One of the girls on the Buckner teams goes to the association trying to get Daphne kicked off the Carlton team by reporting she previously played for Buckner. Everyone thinks Simone is behind it, me too, but it isn't. The nasty cheater witch brags about it during the game. At one point, Daphne forgets what teams she's playing for and throws the ball to Buckner instead of Carlton. When the game is close, Buckner coach tells the players to make sure it goes into overtime, but it backfires when either Simone or cheater witch [couldn't tell which one it was] knocks into Daphne, giving her two free throws. She sinks both shots and Carlton wins. But the Buckner coach is kicking himself that he wasn't nicer to Daphne.

Unfortunately, Carlton's celebration is cut short when they learn the basketball program may be cancelled due to lack of school funds.

Cameron shows up at the game to tell Emmett he's giving his mother full custody because it's the best thing for Emmett. Emmett doesn't see it that way. He blames Bay for this and ends up in bed with Simone, who is licking her wounds because Toby refused to come down and watch her play.

Kathryn meets with a New York editor about her book, and she's told the only way they'll buy it is if Regina's point of view about the switch is also included. Good luck getting Regina to go along with that. Meanwhile, Regina is trying to put the brakes on her budding relationship with Patrick because she's holding back hoping Angelo will come back, but Patrick is beginning to wear down her resistance.

Bay did the right thing for Emmett even though she knew what it could cost her, because Emmett refused to see that living with his father was a bad environment. Olivia offered him alcohol. At the point, maybe Bay should cut her losses with Emmett and wait for Ty to come back. I mean, what joy is she getting out of a relationship with him?


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