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Switched At Birth -- There's Been An Accident

Updated on July 14, 2014

But who is the victim?

John and Kathryn are in bed when Kathryn gets a phone call alerting her that there's been an accident. The credits roll. And we go back to see just what led up to this accident.

Daphne is freaking out about studying for her SAT test and can't find her book. Her search for the book will actually be a catalyst for the events that set the accident into motion. Angelo is still in Big Daddy mode to Daphne and takes her to his unopened restaurant to help him cook to relax her. They have a great time bonding and then Daphne discovers that the restaurant has been foreclosed on and Angelo has lost everything.

Toby returns from Iceland and he no longer wants to work at John's car wash. He wasn't to pursue being a DJ. However, his way to earn a living while he's pursuing his dream leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you're someone who got turned down for unemployment when you desperately needed it. His idea is for John to fire him from the car wash so he can collect unemployment. Seriously, why doesn't he just move back with the parents and mooch off of them like he has since the series began?

Bay's in the dumps because the only school she wanted to attend turned her down. So Toby suggests she do some street art to make herself feel better and her volunteers to help and Kathryn also wants to help. Things get a little sticky between Kathryn and Bay when Bay tells Kathryn she isn't really a writer and hurts Kathryn's feelings.

Cue the police to enter when Bay's electric component blows a fuse and he threatens to arrest Bay and Toby, until Kathryn makes up some hogwash that the cop buys and they get off the hook. Bay then apologizes for her crass remarks to Kathryn and reveals how she got rejected from the school she wanted to attend.

John shows up with a power supply so Bay can light up her art work and all seems well in the Kennish family. That's when Bay and Toby take off in the car. Were they the ones in the accident? It would seem most likely since Kathryn got a call about the accident.

Regina is out on a business dinner with Wes when the sleazy senator Daphne blackmailed, Chip Coto, returns trying to make a business deal with Wes. Regina worries Coto is back for revenge and urges Wes not to do business with him. Wes eventually sees things Regina's way and tells Coto thanks but no thanks in regards to his business offer.

Regina goes back to her design business and hears someone coming in downstairs. She calls out to for the person to identify themselves and reveals she's got a gun, but they don't answer. The reason they don't is because it's Daphne. She finally remembered where she left her SAT book and lets herself in to look for it. She doesn't hear Regina call out. And when she opens the door to where Regina is she nearly gets shot.

This causes Angelo and Regina to get into it. He accuses her of cheating on him with Wes, then she throws his past in her face. Angelo gets so mad he takes off like a bat out of hell in his car.

I was actually disappointed that Regina didn't shoot Daphne. I thought they were going to go for some anti-gun message story. It also would have been a great story. Regina is so darned obsessed and possessive of Daphne just what would she do if she shot her cause she mistook her for a burglar.

As the show repeats the first scene where Kathryn gets the call, they show just who the victim is. It's Angelo. But the question is why would Kathryn get a call about Angelo? Could Angelo had been driving so recklessly he caused an accident to happen with Bay and Toby's car?

I have to say I can't believe the show gave up the chance to send a message about gun control and how dangerous having a gun can be, especially when you're like Regina and getting the gun and getting ready to shoot someone at the slightest noise you hear. I thought that was the whole purpose for Regina getting a gun. That while she was in a panic and scared she would accidentally shoot the wrong person.

I'm also kind of appalled at the whole Toby faking being fired by his daddy to go on unemployment story and getting a free hand out when his family is rich and could afford to support him. When I quit my job I tried to get unemployment and was refused and I had to struggle to survive and to sell my things just to pay my electric bill.

The show acts like Unemployment is a free ride and it isn't. Aside from being tough to get, you have to look for week and enter into the website three jobs you applied for to even get your check each week. And if you refuse work, and they find out about it, they'll cut you off. It's not some free welfare system for the rich that Toby and this show is making it out to be.

Next time you want to pull a stupid story like that, Switched At Birth, do some research on it.


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    • profile image

      Eneng 3 years ago

      Ryan,These photos are bautuifel and so real. You've captured their eyes in a way that almost tells their stories. It makes me want to get out there and help them and love them. What an incredible experience you must've had. Thank you for sharing. I am really looking forward to seeing more.