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Switched At Birth -- Trial And Errors

Updated on October 16, 2012

The trial for John and Kathryn’s lawsuit against the hospital finally begins, while Bay tries to keep them from discovering her error.

Medusa tells Bay she can’t come up with the money to pay Bay back. Travis isn’t happy when Bay can only give him the money that she’s been able to come up with. He laments that it won’t matter to John that he didn’t take the money, all that will matter is he opened the safe for Bay, which is going to get him fired.

Ironically, it’s Simone who ends up giving Bay the money she needs. And although Bay and Travis manage to replace the money in time, John knows someone took money from the safe, since the replacement money wasn’t of the same denomination that John knows was in his safe. John suspects Travis is the culprit.

When Daphne gets wind of what happened, she demands Bay go to John and tell him what she did, so Travis won’t get blamed. She goes to Kathryn, who is appalled by what she did. Bay believes that if the switch had never happened the person she would be would be Medusa. That’s why she’s so attracted to her. After John says he’s done making excuses for Bay, she shows up at Medusa’s place asking if she can stay with her.

Nicky gets on well with Toby and Emmett and their jam session is a success. Unfortunately, she makes the error of taking a picture of the three of them together and her boyfriend doesn’t like her being in a band with two boys. She tells the boys she has to quit. Emmett, however, doesn’t want the first decent thing he’s had in his life for awhile to end, and convinces Toby to convince Nicky to stand up to her boyfriend and stay with the band.

Meanwhile, Melody figures out Daphne is dating Chef Jeff, after he makes the error of not leaving Melody’s sunglasses in his mailbox like he said he would. Earlier, Regina told Melody that Daphne has a crush on Chef Jeff. When Melody drops by and can’t find her sunglasses in the mailbox she knocks on his door. She hears someone upstairs in his bathroom and sees a sticker on the back window of a car, which makes her realize it’s Daphne that’s upstairs.

Melody confronts Daphne and tries to persuade her to not get involved with Chef by telling her about an older professor she was involved with in college. Daphne tells Chef about her conversation with Melody and he thinks they need to end this thing before it goes any further. However, that’s not what Daphne wants and she shows up on his doorstep. He takes her inside his house and they apparently have sex for the first time.

Kathryn and John’s lawsuit against the hospital finally goes to trial, but it’s not going to well after their first witness is made to look like a wingnut. However, when she calls Bay and Daphne the Tiffanys, they discover two other babies also got switched at the hospital. Unfortunately, while good for the case, talking to the mother of one of the switched babies doesn’t make Kathryn feel great as a mother. She says she knew immediately something was off and she had the wrong baby and because she knew something was wrong, she only raised the wrong baby for nine days.

This is an issue Kathryn has been having trouble dealing with: why didn’t she know she had the wrong baby? Regina figured it out before the switch was revealed. And now this woman also figured it out. And to Kathryn this is the biggest error of all.


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