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Switched At Birth -- Ty Isn't As Out Of The Picture As Emmett Thought

Updated on March 1, 2012

The episode starts out with news that Ty may have been killed in action. Emmett and Bay are still dealing with the fall-out from her ratting him out to his mother. Things don't get better when Emmett learns Bay has been e-mailing Ty on a daily basis. And he really feels betrayed when he learned Ty also knows about Bay's art, as he thought it was something special between the two of them. It also doesn't help that Bay hasn't told Ty about them. When Ty calls her to let her know he's fine, she tells him about her and Emmett and it's easy to see on both sides of the conversation that there's something more than friendship still going on between them. It seems like Bay and Emmett have some new problem each week that strains their relationship. It would be nice if we could have one week where they're together and there's no trouble.

Daphne may be headed for a triangle of her own. She has a run-in with a deaf boy named Travis who works at Carleton and when she complains about his attitude towards her, Travis gets fired. Feeling guilty, she gets him a job at John's car wash. Things don't go well there and he and John lock heads with John firing him and Travis threatening to sue for discrimination. When Daphne goes to visit Travis at home, she learns what a lousy home life he has. His mother doesn't know sign language and hasn't bothered to learn and Travis is very isolated and alone in his own family. Travis and John make peace, and Travis begins working at the car wash, again.

When Travis meets Wilke he points out to Daphne that Wilke hasn't even tried to learn sign language and this begins to bother Daphne. She tries to get Wilke to learn but he's really not interested. For all the complaints one can make about Bay, she's learning sign language so she can communicate with Emmett, which is a good thing as Emmett has dropped out of speech class. Wilke's non-interest in learning sign language could very well give Travis the foot in the door with Daphne.

Toby starts experiencing some of his own problems with Simone. Wilke gets Toby to agree to a gig with him, but Simone wants Toby to do something she's arranged. When Toby stays true to his friend and turns down Simone's gig, she sabotages the gig with Wilke so it's cancelled. Toby confronts Simone who admits it. Toby might really want to run not walk to the nearest exit where Simone is concerned. We saw the number she did on Daphne. This girl has major problems.

The fall-out from Kathryn giving the nurse money was still happening, as now the nurse was considered a tainted witness and could no longer testify for John and Kathryn at the hearing. So Kathryn and their attorney needed to track down Angelo's lawyer to discover how Angelo found the nurse to begin with. Unfortunately, Angelo's attorney is some sleazy-cheesy lawyer who said Angelo already had the nurse when he came to him and Angelo wouldn't reveal who his source was.

Because of this, Kathryn realizes they need to find Angelo to find a new witness. Unfortunately, Regina tells her while she missed a call from Angelo, when she tried to call the number back it was disconnected. Meanwhile, unless I miss my guess, John and Kathryn's lawyer seems to have developed a thing for her. It goes in line with past parts this actor has played.


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